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Troy Michael Smith Crowned Mr. Gay World 2023

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There is officially a new Mr Gay World.

As reported by Star Observer, Guam's Troy Michael Smith took home the crown as Mr Gay World. First runner-up went to UK's David Allwood and second runner-up went to Australia's Dion Alexander.

Smith is a real estate agent and mental health advocate from the US Island territory of Guam. He lives in Alaska, and he said he felt "incredible" after he was crowned the winner at a ceremony on Friday in Capetown.

"It's just a blessing that I was able to express my message to all the judges and my fellow contestants about suicide prevention and what we can do to help lower that high statistic within the LGBTQIA+ community specifically," said Smith in a statement.

Alexander congratulated Smith with an Instagram post, saying, "honestly can't think of anyone else who will do all us delegates and our community proud."

Last year, Alexander was crowned Mr Gay Pride Australia. He is also part of Rainbow Swans, the official LGBTQI supporter group of the AFL team Sydney Swans.

Talking about his Mr Gay World competition experience, Alexander admitted that he suffered from imposter syndrome.

"There were many things that were new to me and outside my comfort zone setting in a real sense of imposter syndrome. These feelings were exacerbated by the fact I was in a room full of amazing guys that had not only done it all before but were super super passionate about their causes," he said.

He added, "It was so amazing to be able to talk on a global platform about the great work I've done as Mr Gay Pride Australia, especially with the AFL Pride Collective and the Rainbow Swans. I was surprised by how well my message to end homophobia in sport was received by the other delegates and how supportive they all are to help me to realise change in this space."

Alexander even shared a special message for first runner-up Allwood.

"I said from the first day if I came runner-up to you I would not be disappointed at all. The passion oozes from every pore of your body and you're doing such great work," he said. "To the rest of my fellow delegates, you are all such amazing people doing amazing work and I can't think of a group of nicer people, Gayest love to you all."

Here are some pics from Smith's Instagram:

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