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Celebrating 10 Sensitive, Sensual and Sweet Celebs for Taurus Season

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 11 MIN.

Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love. They find success and strength through being in touch with their emotions, expressing their feelings in creative pursuits like music, modeling, and acting, and our lives are better for it.

The landscape of queer music – and frankly, society as a whole – is richer for Taurean stars like Sam Smith, Kehlani, Victoria Monét, and Omar Apollo sharing their talents with us. Taurus is known for sensitivity, sensuality, and sweetness, with Venus allowing them to indulge in decadence and experience life to the fullest.

They're down-to-earth, grounded and relaxed, but fiercely follow their heart, working hard and sometimes stubbornly, to achieve their artistic vision. Today we're celebrating some of our favorite Taurus celebs!

Froy Gutierrez

Taureans are drawn to projects where they can express everything they feel and think deeply about: love stories, what makes people tick, and how we let each other down. This helps actors like Froy Gutierrez tap into a wide range of emotions, delivering a deeply felt performance. Taureans are also resilient, which you have to be to go for the countless auditions actors face on their journey to our screens – and we're so thankful for that, because we want to see this gorgeous guy on screen as much as possible.


Taureans are known for their sensuality, laid-back personalities, and loyalty, while being incredibly hardworking and down-to-earth. The sexy, soothing, spectacular music we know and love Kehlani for makes it clear to see how that reading of Taurus energy is true. Taurus being ruled by Venus also means that Kehlani is perfectly poised to turn all their deeply felt romantic emotions into songs that we can connect with on a deep level, bringing the queer singer-songwriter success along the way.

Megan Fox

Newly single and taking on the world, there's an effortless resilient quality about this bisexual babe. Megan Fox's undeniable Taurus energy can be seen in performances like her role as a queer and feminist icon in "Jennifer's Body," and in every interview she gives. Taurus signs are typically more concerned with love and harmony, not easy to pull into big fights, but stubborn when they don't agree with something. Fox has never shied away from expressing her truth, proudly standing up for herself, and enthusiastically sharing her joy with the world.

Sam Smith

Taureans value harmony and home comforts, while their ruling planet being Venus enables them to find power in sensitivity and sensuality. They're lovers, not fighters, and they're known to be reliable, flourishing when they work on projects they're passionate about, particularly those that allow them to explore their emotions. We're so lucky that Sam Smith leans into all that it means to be a Taurus, blessing us with their stunning voice and monumental nonbinary popstar power on stages wherever they go.

Nyle DiMarco

Nyle DiMarco's Taurean spirit shines through in the groundbreaking work he does, both in his activism for the queer and Deaf communities, and in being one of the hottest men of all time to grace the earth with his presence. Through his modeling and acting careers, brilliant memoir "Deaf Utopia," and his collaborations with other queer creatives, DiMarco has made the world a better place by being the Taurus he is, and leaning into the way that sensitivity, dependability, kindness, and following your passions can lead to success.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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