Out With Dr. Bill – Women's History Month: A Celebration of Empowerment & Unity

Dr. William Kapfer READ TIME: 11 MIN.

William Kapfer and Deborah Cox

KAZAISU Rosé: Deborah's Toast to Togetherness

At a cozy wine tasting event in a WBENC team member's hotel room, I connected with Deborah, diving into her exciting venture in the wine and spirits industry.

She shared how the pandemic emphasized our need for human connection and maintaining close relationships.

Deborah reminisced about her travels, the people she's met, and precious moments with her husband, Lascelles Stephens, who joined us, along with family and close friends.

In her address to our intimate group, Deborah unveiled her global travels' influence on her passion for diverse cultures and cuisines.

She dreams of creating a wine that shares these enriching experiences with loved ones and strangers alike. Her dedication to crafting an organic wine stem from a desire for clean, healthful enjoyment. She emphasized sustainable packaging, showcasing her commitment to environmental responsibility. She is quite a force–and I know nothing but great success lay before her.

Transitioning from WEConnect International Day to the WBENC National Conference highlighted the global and U.S. potential for women-owned businesses, both aimed at empowering entrepreneurs. These events showcased the power of post-COVID gatherings with educational sessions and uplifting women founders, emphasizing our community's strength.

Indeed, I am eternally grateful–and also committed to championing women-owned businesses with my tribe!

Alain-Philippe Durand and Eric Baker

Artistic Affair: Alumni Reconnect for an Evening of Humanities and Harmony

Last week, Eric and I had the pleasure of welcoming guests into our New York apartment for a cozy gathering in support of our alma mater, the University of Arizona College of Humanities.

There's something truly special about opening our doors to fellow Wildcats here in the heart of New York–it fills our spirits with joy and warmth.

The evening was organized by Dorrance Dean A-P Durand and his team, and centered around sharing updates on college initiatives that are shaping the future of the humanities.

It was also a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with alumni and supporters from Manhattan and beyond, strengthening ties within our community.

Our guests, ranging from ages 24 to 94, brought a diverse blend of experiences, disciplines, and cultures, creating a vibrant tapestry of success and passion that left me feeling deeply inspired.

We were fortunate to have delicious food from Cafeteria Restaurant, a local favorite of mine just around the corner. Their diverse menu of classic comfort food served in a casual diner-style setting perfectly complemented the evening.


And of course, our favorite bartender, Micah from Model Bartenders, crafted an array of exquisite cocktails.

Not only is he a master mixologist, but he's also charming, intelligent, and incredibly friendly.

Though tempted by Micah's creations, I found myself sticking to my newfound favorite, BuDhaGirl® Sparkling wine.

I was introduced to this delightful Sparkling Brut back in December following its official launch at The Art of The Party in Miami Beach.

The expansion of BuDhaGirl® into the wine category, with offerings like premium California Brut, Demi-Sec, and Sparkling Rosé, is truly exciting.

Jessica Jesse

I've long admired Jessica Jesse, the CEO, Founder & Creative Director of BuDhaGirl®, ever since discovering her All Weather Bangles® in a fashion magazine.

Her journey from runway model to entrepreneur is captivating, and I deeply resonate with her commitment to promoting well-being through meaningful rituals.

I eagerly anticipate her future endeavors as an influential female entrepreneur!

William Kapfer

Empowering Connections: Celebrating Women's Achievements

As I reflect on these past weeks, I'm struck by the intertwining themes of Women's History Month throughout my experiences.

From the empowering gatherings at WEConnect International Day to the dynamic discussions at the WBENC National Conference, the common thread of celebrating women's achievements and fostering collaboration shines brightly indeed.

As I raise a glass of BuDhaGirl® Sparkling wine, surrounded by fellow Wildcats, and inspired by the vibrant tapestry of success and passion, I'm reminded of the power of connection and the limitless potential of women-owned businesses in shaping a brighter future for all.

by Dr. William Kapfer

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