EDGE Interview: Bilal Baig Talks About What's Autobiographical in 'Sort of' and What's Not

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From left to right: Bilal Baig, Amanda Cordner, Supinder Wraich in "Sort of."
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Canadian network execs greenlit the series after hearing the pitch.

However, Baig doesn't take credit for the go-ahead because of their or Filippo's writing talents alone. Baig says shows like "Euphoria," "Pose," and even the socially canceled "Transparent" were the ones who walked so their show could run.

"Any show that kind of brought trans into the mainstream a little bit or presented a kind of humanity of ours, I know really helped us get the green light."

They admit they didn't have to do any heavy lifting because trans issues were already being explored in American television and that helped to get "Sort Of" made even though Canada, like other countries has troubles with LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

"I know about the transphobia that exists in my country as well," Baig says about Canada. "But I think in getting this show made it was just a divine timing kind of situation because it was off of a four minute sizzle reel that we got the green light from the Canadian network CBC. I just remember them really being struck by the tone. The tone felt special to them, you know. And then I think there was a hunger to kind of present a really diverse story on a national broadcaster, like the CBC."

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end. Some earlier than others. "Sort Of," with only three seasons, ended in 2023 with Max streaming the final season in 2024. For Baig, three seasons of "Sort Of" is enough and it's ending at the right time for them. Especially what happens in the finale.

"I think it's really satisfying," they contend. "I think we set out to just capture a specific moment in time in this person's life and, and the characters around them. And I really love it. I'm not sure, but from what I'm understanding, I think other people are digging the ending too, but I know that we have some pretty hardcore fans and sometimes I get messages about, 'can there be a fourth?' and, for me, I feel really clear about it ending and feeling okay with that, and also feeling curious about what's next and moving on."

Baig admits that their professional future isn't really clear at the moment. There isn't some big Marvel project in the works that Baig can't talk about they joke. For them, it is a reprieve from creativity, a time to absorb rather than produce.

"Right now it's more about input for me," they say. "I just wanna kind of consume art. I'm also a slower person, you know, I'm not like the Issa Rae and Mindy Kalings of the world who like, they're pumping things out left, right, and center. I'm just a bit slower too, which I like. It takes me time to think about things and so I'm just doing that."

You can stream all three seasons of "Sort Of" on Max.

by Timothy Rawles

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