Chris Kilpatrick (left) and an unknown companion. Source: Instragram/Precinct

California's Urinating Councilman Resigns After Being Identified in Video

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Welp, California's Crescenta Valley is officially down a town council member after one of their elected members was caught on camera having a little too much fun at a gay bar in downtown Los Angeles.

As we reported, Crescenta Valley Town council member Chris Kilpatrick was seen on camera, with a man he referred to as his boyfriend, being the worst patrons at Precinct. Apparently the boys were overstepping the employee-patron boundaries so much that the bar even posted about their behavior online.

"I was walking to my car on the sidewalk, noticed two guys, drunk with their full cocktails," bar general manager Jeremy Lucido said. "I recognized the glasses from our bar so I knew they (had been) inside. I told them 'whatsup! You can't have your drinks out here' and I went to grab one of the cups and the tall dude pushed me and I flew back."

The pair allegedly got testy with the manager and attempted to explain their actions by citing fear.

Now, after many social media commentators identified Kilpatrick, and he released a statement through his lawyer, the town council member has resigned.

As reported by ABC 7, the council shared that Kilpatrick resigned from his position on Thursday.

"While we do not condone any of the behavior we observed on social media, we appreciate his 3 years of commitment and dedication to the community while serving on the council," the council's statement read.

by Emell Adolphus

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