Los Angeles Dodgers designated hitter Shohei Ohtani, left, and starting pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto pose for a photo during a spring training baseball photo day on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024, in Phoenix. Ohtani and Yamamoto are wearing the new uniforms designed by Nike and manufactured by Palmer Township-based Fanatics. The pants are see-through, just one of many complaints players have made about the new uniforms. Source: Associated Press

MLB Players Reportedly Concerned About Their 'See-Through' Pants

Emell Adolphus READ TIME: 1 MIN.

Talk about a wardrobe malfunction! Ahead of the coming season, Major League Baseball players are speaking up about a little problem with their wardrobe: their pants are practically "see-through."

According to Yahoo News, players have voiced their concerns about the style of jerseys they will wear this season in light of spring training games beginning. According to MLB Players' Association (MLBPA) executive director Tony Clark there is concern about the pants.

"A lot of the rhetoric is confirmation that the pants are see-through," said Clark, according to ESPN. "It's been an ongoing conversation where each day has yielded something new that doesn't seem to make as much sense as you would like it."

He added, "Universal concern is the pant."

The jerseys were reportedly designed by Nike and manufactured by Fanatics. Fans have said they seem cheap and players have said they feel cheap.

"It's disappointing that we've landed in a place where the uniforms are the topic of discussion," said Clark.

However, the uniform design was made to be performance-enhancing.

"They're designed to be performance wear as opposed to what's been traditionally worn, so they are going to be different," said MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. "I think after people wear them a little bit, they're going to be really popular."

If they are indeed see-through, something tells us they will be very popular.

by Emell Adolphus

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