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Wrestler Chris is a 'Print' Model Who Has Us in an Instagram Chokehold

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 11 MIN.

Like a sexy mash-up of mid-'80s Dolph Lungren with a hint of Chris Hemsworth, online thirst trap Wrestler Chris is watching his following grow with every picture he posts on social media. The Czech Republic-born model gives new meaning to the term "print model" with his revealing snaps wearing tight underwear.

His full name is Chris Benarik, but some might remember him on Flirt4Free. There, he was a chatboy named Donny Harrington from 2020 to 2021. He also appeared in a Bel Ami video under that name but has since moved to his creation space to OnlyFans under the moniker Wrestler Chris.

Chris has a few social media pages floating around, but we'll concentrate on his Instagram for now because that account features some hot pics that show off his curved and contoured physique. As his handle implies, he is a six-time wrestling champ which might explain his nubile shape and love of the tight-fitting sports uniform. Of course, if you want to delve deeper into Chris' online presence, you can check out his OnlyFans page or click on his All My Links address.

One of the biggest decisions a person has to make in life isn't choosing a life partner, but what to watch online. Here, Chris is contemplating the latter and where he might find the former. But not everything in life is always black-and-white. That is, unless you're a pair of tight underwear wrapped around Chris' muscular build. So now the only question is: Will the bandwidth match the download?

The green landscape in this photo seems flat. But who are we kidding, no one's looking at the boring countryside in the background. It's the peaks and valleys in the forefront that are eye-catching. The most prominent feature is the scenery provided by Chris' green Box Menswear briefs which has more elevation per square inch than all of his natural surroundings.

Chris gives new meaning to the term "armed forces" in this racy unclassified military photo. As an Air Force pilot, it's important to know your landing strip so you don't overshoot your jet. Flyboys are known to be risk-takers, but we aren't worried. We are confident Chris is an ace in the cockpit, so we thank him in advance for his service.

Chris took this picture in the kitchen, one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. There's a risk of choking on something or slipping into a protruding edge. To ensure your safety be sure to use the right tools, mop up spills, wash your hands and keep clothing away from hot surfaces. These rules could also apply to being around Chris.

This is pose is a popular remedy for browsers with a dry mouth. It seems to be a thirst-quenching position for anyone in need of a tall glass of water. But what kind do you prefer? Still or sparking? Either way, Chris is showing off enough of his fine-tuned body you won't need a divining rod to tap the source.

by Timothy Rawles

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