Joel Kim Booster attends Laugh Out Loud with Mae Martin and Friends hosted by Netflix at TUDUM Theater on March 28, 2023 in Hollywood, California. Source: Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix

11 Instagram Posts that Show Why We Love Joel Kim Booster

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Watch Joel Kim Booster talk about his first breakup.

Of all of the great queer romantic comedies in recent years, Hulu's "Fire Island" is one of the best. Starring and written by gay comedian Joel Kim Booster, this memorable streaming hit is an adaptation of Jane Austin's "Pride & Prejudice."

Booster's infectious personality shines through in real life just as much as it did in the film. He isn't afraid to show the most intimate moments in his life with fans on Instagram, from thirst traps to awards shows to Folsom festivals with friends. He is one of the most famous queer Asian-American celebrities working at the moment, and we want to celebrate his contributions to the LGBTQ+ with this collection of his best posts!

Ringing in a new year with your significant other is one of the most romantic moments in a relationship, but queer people often have been afraid to show public displays of affection. Joel Kim Booster gives his fans the confidence and the courage to openly express their affection with their lovers by showing off his boyfriend locking lips with him to end 2022.

When most celebrities post shirtless photos, it's hard to argue that the pictures are inspirational. But when Joel Kim Booster decides to show off for the gram, it's a whole different story. Just like with the New Year's kiss, he's once again very courageous for showing confidence in his body and helping to inspire gay Asian-Americans to also embrace what makes them attractive. The skyline aesthetic helps to make this photo incredibly mesmerizing!

Joel Kim Booster shows off a unique fashion look on the red carpet for the premiere of his Apple TV+ show "Loot." We love to see him happy and spending time celebrating a career accomplishment with the rest of the cast. The checkered jacket and see-through undershirt definitely are a winner!

I want to express the same sentiments as I did in the picture of Joel Kim Booster posing in front of the skyline: the actor's sex appeal is very inspirational in these photos for "Highsnobiety." He's completely unafraid to show his backside and we love to see it!

Joel Kim Booster decided to dress up like a Beanie Baby teddy bear for Halloween in 2021, only this outfit looks much sexier on him than it does on the stuffed animal. Fans enjoyed his shirtless physique and his willingness to have fun on the holiday, adding to the collection of celebrity costumes for our memory banks.

More magazine shoots for Joel Kim Booster, as he reveals a wild new haircut with the cameras on for "Allure." The green mo-hawk look with the long hair flowing down the sides and front of his body is a daring and noticeable replacement for his usual haircut, but we think he looks good either way!

Joel Kim Booster enjoys time on Fire Island with friend Noah Champion Buck in July of 2021, completely unafraid to strip all the way down to a skimpy pair of swimming trunks. Many fans enjoyed the view of the steamy pairing who were somehow shining even brighter than the summer sunshine in the background.

Joel Kim Booster was able to transport us back in time to a rally in which gay Asian-Americans were fighting for their rights on the streets with Pride signs. It really shows people how the progressive movement for LGBTQ+ people has been in progress for decades, and these queer ancestors are the ones who deserve so much more credit for the rights the community has in 2023. There's still so much more to go, but we've made it a long way!

Joel Kim Booster celebrates a lonely Thanksgiving in 2020 in front of his mirror, but at least he shared this sexy shot with his fans. His sweater and white underwear are a cozy look for a holiday that is known for food, comfort, and time spent with family.

Joel Kim Booster continues his loud support for the entire LGBTQ+ community, here giving a shout out to the strong folks who are part of the black trans community, especially black trans women. It's these types of posts that help to unite everyone of all races, ethnicities, genders, and sexualities!

Joel Kim Booster shows how much fun and exhaustion will result from going to a Pride parade during June, relaxing on the ground while wearing a bright green outfit. It's fun to see celebrities willing to join the crowds during these social events celebrating the community.

by Shawn Laib

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