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6 Unique Holiday Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything

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There's always that tricky someone who seems to have everything – all the latest technology and a beautifully furnished home that leaves you scratching your head, asking, "What could I possibly get them?"

EDGE offers five of our favorite finds for thoughtful and affordable holiday gifts.

Be a Broadway Star! Board Game

The shining lights! The standing ovations! Is it all a dream as you belt out the score from "Hadestown" in your shower? Theater lovers can pound the pavement, audition, get an agent and hopefully headline in their own Broadway show thanks to a board game ($39.99) created by Broadway producer Ken Davenport.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, a new digital expansion pack offers even more opportunities for stardom. Most enjoyed with a group of four or more (who needs an audience of one?), Be a Broadway Star! rules of play are somewhat complicated, but once you're in the rhythm of the game, who can resist the chance to perform songs from your favorite shows in front of an invite-only audience?

Source: Nature's Garden Candle & Soap Supplies

Nature's Garden Candle & Soap Supplies

If you love to give and receive candles as a holiday present, you're not alone. The global scented candle market alone is valued at more than $500 million! But not all candles are created equal, and there's something special about gifting a personalized candle made especially for a loved one.

Nature's Garden is a pioneer in the industry, supplying candle and soap-making products since 1997. Free online classes, workshops and recipes will equip you to expertly make personalized products from an array of more than 875 fragrance oils. And that's just the beginning! You can find all the ingredients to make room fresheners, bath bombs, bubble bars, lip balm and more.

A candle-making kit ($17.99-$39.99) is a great way to start. (Note: you'll still need a metal pouring pot and candle thermometer, also available on the site). Some of our favorite seasonal scents include White Pumpkin Amber, Applewood Fir Needle and A Thousand Dreams – just what we need to ring in the new year!

Source: 'A Knot in the Tree'

"A Knot in the Tree" by Nathan Aaron

For all your book-loving friends who post about their annual reading lists, be sure to add Nathan Aaron's debut book, "A Knot in the Tree" ($7.99 e-book, $14.99 paperback) to their shortlist.

Aaron's queer-themed historical novel follows the journey of Joniah, a young gay man who abandons his small European village for a spiritual journey that whisks him across the countryside where he encounters a mysterious beast, a sexy motorcycle-riding adventurer and other characters that challenge his sense of risk, faith and courage.

A longtime practitioner and facilitator of Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way," Aaron's moving book reads like a queer Dickensian parable that you won't want to put down.

Source: Me-est Me Journal

Me-est Me Journal

Many of us have felt since the onset of the pandemic a desire to reinvent – or at least – reimagine what it means to be our best selves. But there are other options besides stress-eating and binge-watching your favorite shows.

Me-est Me Journal ($26) creator Shana Rehwald designed an 88-page workbook filled with prompts and resources to "put you more deeply in touch with yourself." Designed in collaboration with Hanna Snyder, the paperback journal has a mid-century modern feel in a southwestern palette of golden brown, teal and ochre.

"As a member of the (LGBTQ+) community myself, I believe that we all want to live out our versions of the me-est me and members of the LGBTQ+ community experience shame for doing just that. I wanted to create something anybody could use to reconnect with themselves and celebrate their version of the me-est me, no matter who they are."

Source: Bose

Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphones

Treat your favorite hard-working loved one this holiday with a high-tech, noise-canceling, music-elevating accessory. Bose QuietComfort 45 Headphones ($279) launched new in August, adding improved details to the now-classic design.

One surprisingly effective feature is setting Quiet or Aware modes with the Action button. The former eliminates background noise thanks to the earcups' digital sensor; the latter allows ambient sounds to be heard even while the headphones are worn. QC45 isolates the owner's voice for phone calls and commands, reducing audio distractions, which clarifies dictation, video/audio chats and virtual-personal-assistant (VPA) responses. Plus, a two-hour battery charge lets these wireless, Bluetooth-paired headphones run a full 24 hours.

Source: Liforme Yoga Mat

Liforme Yoga Mat

Founder James Armitage spent five years developing the AlignForMe system and Liforme yoga mat as a way to help yoga practitioners maintain proper yoga positions with markers on the mat. He also studied the material, ensuring that his product would have a solid grip (there's nothing less Zen than sliding out of a Downward Dog) and be eco-friendly.

At $148, Liforme yoga mats fall under the premium category, but this one will last a lifetime, made from a natural rubber base and Liforme's eco-polyurethane top surface and eco-friendly ink. Longer and wider than standard yoga mats, there's plenty of room for all of your positions, and each time you glance down, you'll catch a gaze of the mat's sunny yellow surface and rainbow-colored alignment system.

by Matthew Wexler

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