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Video Game Effort Could Help Regulate Future Drone Traffic

| By Lindsay Whitehurst | Apr 27
Drones ferrying medical supplies, packages and even pizza could one day be crisscrossing the skies above U.S. cities, and a team at the University of Utah is working with regulators to keep that future traffic in check using a video game.

Lawyer: Massacre Suspect Allowed to Play Violent Video Games

| Apr 25
An attorney representing the father of a victim in last year's Florida high school massacre told a judge that mental health counselors must share the blame, because they knew Nikolas Cruz was "a ticking time bomb."

India Weighs Ban on Popular Online Game After Deaths

| By Rishabh R. Jain and Amrit Dhillon | Apr 7
A boy's suicide this week in southern India after his mother scolded him for playing a popular online game has inflamed a national debate over whether the game should be banned.

EU Investigates Video Game Companies over Antitrust Concerns

| Apr 7
The European Union's competition watchdog is stepping up its investigation of a U.S. video game platform and five game makers over concerns they blocked players from buying cheaper versions of games in other countries.

Streaming to Subscriptions: Video Games Enter New Frontiers

| By Mae Anderson | Apr 6
In the past, you plunked down $60 at GameStop for a copy of Grand Theft Auto or Madden NFL and played it out — after which you could trade it in or let it gather dust. Now, you'll increasingly have the choice of subscribing to games.

Candy Crush vs. Mortal Kombat for Video Game Hall of Fame

| Mar 24
The World Video Game Hall of Fame fielded thousands of nominations for the Class of 2019 from more than 100 countries, hall officials said Thursday after narrowing the field to 12.

Goodbye Console? Google Launches Game-Streaming Platform

| By Mae Anderson | Mar 20
Google on Tuesday unveiled a video-game streaming platform called Stadia, positioning itself to take on the traditional video-game business.

'Minecraft' Creator Trolls Trans People, Twitter Claps Back

| By Kilian Melloy | Mar 14
Swedish video game maker Markus Alexej Persson is known for making provocative comments, but his take on transwomen, which he shared in a series of tweets, instantly summoned a deluge of critical responses.

Sega Halts Game Shipment after Actor Arrested on Drug Charge

| By Yuri Kageyama | Mar 14
Japanese entertainment company Sega has cancelled shipments of its video game "Judgment," also known as "Judge Eyes," after one of its actors was arrested on drug charges.

Jury Recommends 30 Years for Guard Who Killed Pokemon Go Player

| Mar 5
A Virginia jury has recommended a 30-year prison sentence for a Chesapeake security guard who killed a man prosecutors say was playing "Pokemon Go."

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