Same-Sex Couple Told They 'Don't Deserve Children' After Promoting Flu Shot on Instagram

Thursday November 7, 2019

Parents Bryce and Jeffrey
Parents Bryce and Jeffrey  (Source:@thisiswherewestarted/Instagram)

A new BuzzFeed article reveals several families on Instagram have received threatening messages on the social media platform after partnering with Walgreens for their "FluFighters" vaccination ad campaign.

One such couple, Bryce and Jeffrey, whose Instagram account @thisiswherewestarted has 11.7K followers, told BuzzFeed News: "There were comments talking about how we don't deserve children or that we might as well just kill our children."

"Being a same-sex couple, we are used to people leaving mean comments while hiding behind their keyboard," they said. "We were shocked at the level of comments we received."

BuzzFeed reports that many posts in this campaign, as well as hashtags related to the program, have been overrun by anti-vaxxers commenting mostly negative, and even threatening things.

Some accused the ad partners of unethical behavior for accepting money for these sponsored posts. For context, BuzzFeed reports the posters received between $200-$400, and that Bryce and Jeffrey said they were paid $200 from Walgreens.

Another blogger in the "FluFighters" campaign, a mom named Shannon who has 47,000 followers, said she sees no ethical problems with being paid for sponsored content.

"Advising people where to go for those wanting a flu shot is not giving medical advice," Shannon told BuzzFeed. "One anti-vaxxer commented that doctors know very little and have little training, which was very laughable to me."

Walgreens has not responded to initial contact by BuzzFeed as of writing this.

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