Famous Types of Retro Games

Wednesday July 20, 2022

Famous Types of Retro Games

Ever since the technology existed to make it possible there have been video games. The kind of mind that can conceive of a world that operates on computer code is also the kind of mind that wants to use that potential to provide entertainment, as evidenced by the fact that video games date back as far as 1952.

The speed at which technology has advanced over the last few decades has seen huge changes in the way we use computers. It seems almost impossible that computer scientists once marvelled at the oversized machines that were performing one or two tasks at speeds that only just exceeded those achieved by humans.

As the potential for computing was realised, the investment in the various components that made them faster, smaller, and capable of far more complex operations allowed the industry to grow swiftly. Over the course of a couple of decades, computers went from being room-sized machines that required significant input to get any kind of output, to units that could sit beneath a desk and run a choice of programmes from disks that were small enough to hold in your hand.

Today, even the simplest smartphone has hundreds of times the processing power of the computer that was used to run the guidance system for the Apollo mission that first landed on the moon. The appetite for new technology has come from every industry and sector, and the ability to store, access, and manage data on computers has changed the face of every organisation, from small retailers to international governments.

When Christopher Strachy and AS Douglas developed computerised versions of draughts and noughts and crosses respectively, they could not have known that they were at the cutting edge of an industry that would go on to be worth billions. However, it is the games that came later that have become iconic in the world of video game fandom, and justifiably so in most cases.

The Enduring Appeal of Retro Games

Today's gamers have a choice of thousands of games featuring exquisitely rendered graphics, studio-quality soundtracks and complex storylines and gameplay. However, there is something about the simplicity of retro gaming that appeals to even the most ardent gamers.

Clunky graphics, minimalist soundtracks, and basic gameplay have the power to conjure up a strong sense of nostalgia in those that played them the first-time round. Not only do they serve as a reminder of simpler times, but they still offer a significant challenge for the most part, relying as they do on pure skill and the willingness to practice in order to progress.

Retro games typically are popular due to the nostalgia feel they bring to players.

Some of the most popular online games include:


Perhaps the simplest of all games, featuring a rectangular 'bat' and square 'ball' and a fiendish reliance on rudimentary physics, Pong has been delighting and infuriating players for fifty years. There have been several similar games released over the years, incorporating the latest graphics and with updated features, but the basics of the game have remained the same for half a century.

From those who remember it the first time round to newcomers to the world of retro gaming, the minimalist style of Pong holds a universal appeal. With limited opportunities to develop tactics or a strategy, being good at Pong is really only possible with practice and patience, and even then a win isn't always easy.


As a game with a long history that dates back to the early days of gaming houses, bingo was an obvious choice for early digitisation. The simplicity of the gameplay combined with the fact that no two games are the same makes it infinitely appealing and has earned it fans all over the world.

While the trend for in-person bingo may have waned over the years, online bingo has become a hugely popular choice for millions of gamers. Being online has breathed new life into the game, and there are now plenty of different options for even playing free bingo games, with versions to suit any player, from the complete newcomer to seasoned bingo fans.

Because it is so simple, just matching the numbers that come up to those on your card, bingo has always been a favourite among gamers. While anyone can play — and win — at bingo, the first time they encounter the game, experienced players do develop the hand-eye coordination and swift number recognition skills that give them the edge when it comes to winning.

Bingo is a popular retro classic that still remains popular to this day especially in its digital format.

Space Invaders

Another game that has existed in a few different formats, the classic space invaders game involves shooting at a variety of on-screen spaceships in order to avoid being blown up by the attacking aliens. This is another game that is eminently simple, yet incredibly hard to actually beat, although some fans do develop winning strategies to help them vanquish the marauding 'invaders'.

Experienced players will develop strategies to take out the most threatening 'invaders' before they make their way down the screen to damage their barricades, but most players just fire indiscriminately and hope for the best. This is another game that has hundreds of different versions, but it is hard to find one that beats the original.

Fans of retro gaming appreciate the chance to see how far gaming has come since the early days of screen-based entertainment. While most of the games that still appeal are simple, many of them are still fiendishly difficult and pose a challenge even the most ardent gamer cannot resist.