Myths About VPN and Why You Should Use This Service

Monday August 1, 2022

Myths About VPN and Why You Should Use This Service

VPN is very popular today. It is a special virtual private network that allows providing high security and freedom in the global network. The main functions of this technology are hiding the user's location, protecting data, providing quick and free access to the necessary websites, etc.

Myths VPN: Everything You Need to Know

Major myths about VPN use include the following:

1. VPN significantly slows down the Internet connection. If you want to know if VPN slows down your Internet, then note that it is really possible. But it is not a rule. This may be due to the fact that when traffic passes through the VPN server, it is encrypted and then decrypted, as a result of which users usually notice a slower connection speed. However, in modern tunnel security protocols, the VPN speed has increased significantly. And it is unlikely that a slight decrease in VPN speeds can be a reason for abandoning security. The first thing to understand is that the speed of your connection also depends on you. It is affected by the location of the server you choose. The farther the server is, the slower the connection or the longer the delay time. It is recommended to choose a VPN provider that has servers around the world, such as VeePN. You can then easily select the free VPN server that best suits your needs. In addition, the speed depends on the VPN protocol used. It also needs to be chosen based on your goals. Each of the protocols offers a different level of security, is designed to perform different types of Internet tasks, and affects the speed of connection in different ways;

2. There is no need to use a VPN for an ordinary Internet user. Most Internet users do not know the answer to the question "Why should you always use a VPN?" and do not use it until they encounter restrictions and prohibitions on the network. However, thanks to VPN you can easily:

  • visit websites (including torrent trackers) that for some reason are subject to geo-blocking;

  • visit foreign online services that are not available to residents of the country in which you live;

  • make various purchases at low prices in foreign online stores, access to which is blocked in a number of countries;

  • not put yourself at risk, as you will not be able to be tracked in any way by third-party network users or individual structures;

    3. Only criminals use VPNs. The modern Internet is quite dangerous in the sense that your data can be stolen by scammers or hackers for the purpose of financial transactions, extortion, etc. However, the use of a VPN allows you to reliably protect all important data transmitted and received on the Internet. At the same time, you get guaranteed inviolability of personal life, security of payments, and other private data that should not fall into the wrong hands;

    4. The cost of a VPN is expensive. The cost of a VPN directly depends on the tariff you choose and the goals for which the service is purchased. If you need a VPN with a limited set of features, low speed, and bandwidth, you can purchase the service at a low price. If you want the most modern VPN that guarantees a high level of security and provides excellent speed, you will have to pay a little more;

    5. When using a VPN, I can do whatever I want on the Internet. Using a VPN protects you from outside attacks. That is, the scammer will not be able to intercept your traffic, as it is carefully encrypted. VPN does not provide protection against other threats. Therefore, you need to be vigilant when following suspicious links, not download dubious files and software, and beware of viruses.

    When to Use VPN

    If you still have not found answers to the questions "Does VPN really work?" and "Is there any benefit to a VPN?", then consider the list of cases when using a VPN is appropriate:

    1. Watch YouTube and other media resources at high speed, bypassing the restrictions of your Internet provider;

    2. Play online games without fear of speed reduction from the provider;

    3. Watch TV from other countries in a streaming mode for free;

    4. Avoid eavesdropping;

    5. Order purchases in foreign online stores;

    6. Unblock international libraries of regional content restriction;

    7. Connect securely to any Wi-Fi network;

    8. Avoid detection when observing competitors;

    9. Protect Skype and IP telephony calls;

    10. Avoid "List of Watches"

    11. Unblock social networks;

    12. Save money on Skype and VOIP calls;

    13. Save money when booking airline tickets and car rentals;

    14. Hide your real location;

    15. Get access to the UseNet computer network, etc.

    So, we hope that after reading the article to the end you received an answer to the question "What is VPN and why is it important to have one?". This technology really brings benefits to those who use it. It helps to ensure online security, access any content you need, and hide personal data from scammers. Many people use VeePN when they are studying while traveling. Try it and get the benefits too!