Watch: Billy Eichner Falls for 'Gay Tom Brady' in New 'Bros' Trailer

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Thursday June 16, 2022

Luke Mcfarlane in "Bros"
Luke Mcfarlane in "Bros"  

After making a big first impression with the drop of an uncensored trailer for the upcoming gay rom-com "Bros," Billy Eichner is back in another hilarious preview for the film that reveals his character is slowly falling in love.

As reported by The Wrap, the second trailer for the film is starting to pull the details of the plot together. For example, it now makes sense that the movie is called "Bros" because Eichner's character finds himself stumbling into a relationship with who he calls "the gay Tom Brady," played by Luke Mcfarlane.

After a series of flirty texts go over Eichner's head, he declares, "This person isn't gay!" Except he is! The whole cast is in fact, Eichner's "Bros" is the first major film featuring a nearly all-gay cast in front of the camera, and behind, to hit the box office.

About Hollywood's LGBTQ representation on screen, Eicher commented that "Hollywood has often been very accepting on the surface but very homophobic underneath the surface and very hypocritical."

He added that decisions around what stories are being made into movies "have been made based on fear — fears that I think are often irrational — and yet, people were scared."

With "Bros," co-written with director Nick Stoller, Eichner is out to prove that he isn't afraid and gay stories are worth telling.

The cast includes Ts Madison ("The Ts Madison Experience"), Monica Raymund ("Chicago Fire"), Guillermo Díaz ("Scandal"), Guy Branum ("The Other Two") and Amanda Bearse ("Married ...with Children").

"Bros" hits theaters Sept. 20. See the newest trailer below.