Watch: Ready for an RPG That Lets You Be a 'Golden Girl?'

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Friday March 10, 2023

Watch: Ready for an RPG That Lets You Be a 'Golden Girl?'
  (Source:Screenshot/The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX/Twitter)

An upcoming video game will allow players to slip into the role of the Golden Girl of their choice, gaming site Kotaku reported.

"'The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX,' developed by Joey Pagano and Chris Lindgren, is a 'fast-paced' turn-based JRPG where you take control of Rose, Dorothy, Sophia, and Blanche as they run down the streets of Miami, battle off hordes of clowns, and Dark Souls-roll through dungeons," the article teased.

The writeup characterized the game as "a free 'Persona'-styled RPG," citing the name of a popular series of games that first launched in the mid-1990s and allow users to play the roles of various high school students.

The game's preview promises that the game is "set in a world that is 100% canon," but also explained that, in this version of the iconic sitcom, "The world of Miami is a mysterious place with many formidable foes... But if life experience is anything to go by, you do know one thing... Always be thankful for your friends."

Co-developer Joey Pagano talked up the game on his own site, saying, "What started as a joke has quickly spiraled into a playground of ideas meant to explore just how much we can push our skills and retain our sanity with our own brand of humor."

Pagano went on to compare the forthcoming game with the popular "Persona" series of RPGs, writing it will be "Persona 5's gameplay replaced with the context of 'The Golden Girls.'"

The developer expounded on how "Persona" informed the "Golden Girls" creation, writing, "This project is probably my biggest joke yet. But I think it makes sense that my personal project would be a really high-quality and over-the-top ironic recreation of the core systems of my favorite game series, Persona."

The company announced the game in a March 3 tweet, but, Kotaku noted, "There are work-in-progress clips on YouTube dating back five years, and according to Pagano's website, 'The Golden Girls Take Manhattan DX' was supposed to have a playable demo in summer of 2021."

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