Watch: Former Producer Speaks Out Against Ellen DeGeneres: She's a 'Toxic, Phony, Hypocrite, Liar'

Thursday August 6, 2020

A former producer of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" spoke out against the titular talk show host in an interview with "Inside Edition" and didn't hold back about her ex-boss.

"Toxic, phony, hypocrite, liar. That's what she is," Hedda Muskat said of Ellen.

"Inside Edition" notes Muskat was a producer on "Ellen" when it started in 2003 and won two Daytime Emmys for her work but was let go in 2004.

"We were told from the very beginning, 'Don't talk to can't go into her office,'" she said of her time on the show. "It was very nerve-racking, very stressful; we all walked on eggshells all the time."

Muskat goes on to talk about the talk show's executive producer Ed Glavin.

"We were in our production meetings, and she would watch Ed go off on people," she said. "Ellen would look at Ed and she would laugh because I was hoping she was going to say 'Ed, you can't be yelling at crew this way, you can't be yelling at people this way.' She laughed and she said, 'Every production needs their dog.'"

"He took the role of being the attack dog [so] that she didn't have to now be the attack dog. She didn't have to yell," she added.

When asked about whether or not Muskat thinks Ellen was "aware" of the workplace toxicity, the TV producer said, "it's a lie."

"As a host, she's amazing," she said. "But as a boss and someone running the show from behind the scenes, she's a different person, she's not the person people see in front of the camera.

Despite the ongoing controversy, Muskat said she doesn't think anything will actually change.

"She should have apologized 16 years ago. This environment, toxic culture that she created in the office has been going on for 16 years," she told the TV show.

"Inside Edition" notes that "Ellen" is gearing up to return for its 18th season in September and executives say the host will return. However, Warner Media is currently conduction an internal investigation after reports of alleged workplace misconduct and sexual misconduct.

Watch the interview with Muskat below.

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