Draft Cuomo for President Movement Trends on Twitter

by Robert Nesti

EDGE National Arts & Entertainment Editor

Thursday March 26, 2020

There has been a stark contrast on news networks this past week: One on hand, there is the blathering president giving advice that leads his followers to (literally) drink the Kool-Aid he's mentioned as a possible treatment... and dying in the process. On the other, there is New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose no-nonsense daily briefings have been the only light in the tunnel as the crisis continues.

Cuomo's measured, humane and informed approach - right down to maintaining correct seating protocol - has led many to suggest he should be the Democratic candidate for president and not Joe Biden, who is currently the frontrunner.

Even though Biden has pretty much sewn up the nomination and has, rightfully or wrongly, stepped in the background since the last primaries, concern about his age and well-being has left doubt with some Democrats, according to the conservative publication the National Review.

The publication writes that, in private, "some are also talking about needing a Plan B if Joe Biden, their nominee apparent, continues to flounder.

"Some Democrats are openly talking up New York governor Andrew Cuomo, whose profile has soared during the crisis, as a Biden stand-in. Yesterday, a Draft Cuomo 2020 account on Twitter announced that 'Times have changed & we need Gov. Cuomo to be the nominee. Our next POTUS must be one w/an ability to lead thru this crisis,'" the article says.

This has led to two "Draft Cuomo Twitter" accounts having been launched since Monday, according to The Daily Mail. Meanwhile, Joe Biden, "just got his Wilmington, Delaware house wired for home broadcasting, so he's able to spend more time in the limelight, something that kept him sidelined until Monday," the British tabloid writes.

A New Jersey Democrat, who calls himself Jay and declined to tell The Daily Mail his last name, launched the #DraftCuomo2020 on Twitter Tuesday. Another #DraftCuomo account was created Monday but has fewer followers thus far.

"I think what this moment shows the electorate, more than anything, is the importance of things we might not have considered initially, most especially - executive experience," Jay told The Daily Mail. "If you look at our field back when it started with 20-25 some odd candidates, there were a few governors in there and maybe in hindsight we should have given them a better look."

While #DraftCuomo2020 has less than 400 followers as of Thursday morning, the responses have been in support of the movement.

One tweet response praised Cuomo, while firmly endorsing Biden.

Though not endorsing the movement, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post tweeted: "Watching Andrew Cuomo is inspiring, uplifting, fascinating. He weaves details and humor and math and common sense all together. He is magnificent. Let's just listen to him."

And liberal firebrand Charles P. Pierce in Esquire wrote:

"For years, Cuomo has looked like everything that was wrong with the Democratic party. He leaned toward the money power and he arranged the New York legislature in a way that empowered Republicans against the more progressive elements of his own party. It made any plans he had for running for president dead on arrival every four years. But over the past months, and especially in his press conferences, Cuomo has demonstrated a knack for the kind of leadership that rallies people rather than frightens them, and that has not relied upon the fouler elements of American politics to get the job done. He has become someone upon whom everyone can rely."

Nor are all the tweets in favor of a draft Cuomo movement:

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