The Skittles Twitter Account Might Have Accidentally Liked an OnlyFans Model's Rainbow-Themed Dick Pic

Wednesday June 15, 2022

Chris Stone
Chris Stone  (Source:Twitter)

Skittles teamed up with GLAAD for the third year in a row "to give up its signature rainbow during Pride to celebrate the one that matters most," said the website CStoreDecisions. But this year, there's a difference: "The brand's annual Pride packs — which have historically been all-gray to represent the brand's efforts of support — will get a splash of color in 2022 thanks to six talented artists within the LGBTQ+ community who crafted original designs."

But it is a tweet from a Skittles fan that is getting attention this week.

Chris Stone, an OnlyFans model, showed his appreciation in XXX fashion with a tweet. In it, there's a face pic on the left with the smiling Stone. On the right he shows his erect penis highlighted with rainbow lighting effects.

"Taste the rainbow," he said in the tweet, which tagged the official Skittles account.

Not long after, Stone posted another tweet which showed a screenshot of his NSFW photo in the "likes" of the official Skittles Twitter account. Whoops!

"Just peaked for a little bit," Stone said in his tweet. "Shoutout to the skittles intern that liked my penis"

The pic no longer shows in Skittles' Twitter likes, but once there's a screenshot, all bets are off, and plenty of comments followed.