Watch: 'Euphoria' Actor Eric Dane Says That Guys DM Him Intimate Pics

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Wednesday June 15, 2022

Watch: 'Euphoria' Actor Eric Dane Says That Guys DM Him Intimate Pics
  (Source:Screenshot/YouTube/Sirius XM)

"Euphoria" actor Eric Dane, who plays a closeted gay man, opened up about the kind of fan mail he's been getting since he's been on the show, Insider reported.

Dane, who is straight, appeared on Andy Cohen's Sirius XM show "Radio Andy," the article detailed, and shared that male fans keep sending him "dick pics" through the direct messaging function of his Instagram account.

"For real?" Cohen asked.

"For real I get lots of dick pics!" Dane assured the radio host.

Dane previously played hot doc "McSteamy" on "Grey's Anatomy." Cohen told the actor, "You get lots of dick pics, but don't you get women sending you stuff too?"

"No! I get dick pics!" Dane reiterated.

"No!!" Cohen exclaimed.

"I think that guys now assume that I'm going the other way, which is fine," Dane said. As for the missives from his fans, he told Cohen, "I've seen a lot of ugly penises. I've seen a lot of pretty ones... This interview just got hot, didn't it, buddy?"

"Yes it did!" Cohen agreed. "I'm gonna send you a dick pic after the show's over!"

As previously reported at EDGE, the 49-year-old actor made headlines recently when he told The Hollywood Reporter, "I'm acutely aware that I'm a straight actor playing a gay character," and added, "The gay community has been super supportive."

Dane went on to say, "I think I've lent them a voice in portraying this character, and I hope that everything I do is sincere because I wouldn't want to misrepresent something that's so important."

EDGE noted that Dane's character "is a sexual predator" who has been depicted as sexually involved with a minor, and "not the kind of 'voice' the LGBTQ+ (or any) community wants speaking on its behalf, especially since the character represents a dubious stereotype historically used by anti-gay people to fearmonger society."

Social media users expressed similar sentiments.

Watch a clip from Dane's interview with Andy Cohen below.

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