'And Just Like That' Showrunner Says Audiences 'Terrorized' by 'Bedwetting' Scene

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Wednesday June 15, 2022

'And Just Like That' Showrunner Says Audiences 'Terrorized' by 'Bedwetting' Scene
  (Source:HBO Max)

During its six-season run on HBO, "Sex and the City" delved into topics that were traditionally taboo for television: Analingus, female ejaculation, and "funky spunk" all featured among the show's groundbreaking moments.

The show's sequel series, "And Just Like That," which airs on HBO Max, might have gone one better, though. Michael Patrick King, the showrunner for the series, thinks that audiences were "terrorized" when Carrie's attempt to improvise with a makeshift bedpan went awry, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The splashy scene took place in Episode 5 of the first season's 10-episode run, when a hip ailment required Carrie to get surgery. Recovering at home, Carrie relied on her friends for getting her personal needs met.

As EW put it: "She needs help going to the bathroom when she wakes up from a nap, but unfortunately, Miranda, who's supposed to be looking after her, is too busy seriously getting it on with Che in Carrie's kitchen. Unable to reach her destination on her own, Carrie is forced to pee in a diet Peach Snapple bottle, which she then spills all over her bedsheets."

It's hardly the most outré thing that's ever happened in bed in the franchise, which, in addition to the two TV series, also includes a pair of feature films. But, King told Variety, the moment was enough to leave viewers in a state of trauma for the rest of the season.

Calling the scene a "Combo plate with Carrie peeing in the bed," King said, "I think when you do something unknown or for the first time, people look at it like, 'I don't know what this is, and I'm uncomfortable.'" "

Less problematic, perhaps, was what was afoot in the next room while Carrie was making do with her Snapple bottle. Or was it?

"While the bedwetting scene takes top billing as a thoroughly cringe moment," EW recounted, "Che and Miranda's spontaneous kitchen sex is a very close second, as the show — never one to skimp on the details — offered a graphic depiction of, as King puts it, a 'fingering in the kitchen.'"

Sara Ramírez and Cynthia Nixon, who play Che and Miranda, respectively, also spoke with Variety about the scene.

"My jaw was on the floor," Ramírez recounted. "I was terrified for how the audience was going to handle that. I really felt for Carrie, and I was really excited for Miranda."

Though Ramírez "spent a lot of time talking to the intimacy coach" about the scene, Nixon told Variety, "I was like, 'I appreciate that you're here. If I have a question, I'll ask you. I don't want to sit here and talk about my levels of comfort or whatever. My level of comfort is complete.'"

Added Nixon: "Like, I have nothing but comfort!"

"And Just Like That" has been renewed for a second season at HBO Max. Who knows what shocks the next installment will bring?

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