'QAF's' Devin Way and Johnny Sibilly on Getting Sexy on Camera

by Steve Duffy

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday June 14, 2022

'QAF's' Devin Way and Johnny Sibilly on Getting Sexy on Camera

The "Queer as Folk" reboot hit Peacock last week, just in time for a Pride month binge-watch. Set over 10-episodes, the reboot of the popular 2000 — 2005 Showtime series, itself adapted from a 1999 British version, resets the story to present-day New Orleans.

With a cast of queer, non-binary and trans actors, the show is far more authentic than its popular predecessors. Chief amongst them are Johnny Sibilly, who had a breakout role on HBO Max's hit "Hacks" last season. In the reboot, he plays Noah, a successful lawyer with everything appearing to be in check, save his love life. And Devin Way plays Brodie, a handsome 20-something who may be too charming for his own good.

EDGE spoke to the pair recently about their relationship with the show, what they like about Noah and Brodie, and what those socks are for.

Note: text has been edited for clarity.

Steve Duffy (EDGE): Were you guys even born when the original was out?

Johnny Sibilly: That's very sweet but yes, we were definitely, well, I definitely was. (Addressing Devin Way) I know, you'll pretend that you weren't.

Devin Way: Because maybe like (I was) one. Yeah,

Steve Duffy (EDGE): I won't tell you how old I was, but did you guys watch... did you know of the show prior to getting cast?

Johnny Sibilly: Oh yeah. I mean. I said this a bunch, but like being young and in a dark room with the TV on and stumbling on it, the American version on Showtime, I remember, being like, (exaggerated expression) "Oooh!" And knowing I was not supposed to be watching that, but also being like, 'This is me. This is who I am. That's how I feel.' And also having my finger on the button to go back to the Disney Channel just in case mom or literally anyone walked back in.

Devin Way: I actually stumbled upon this show a little later than he did, on my phone googling like, 'Boys Kissing videos'.

Johnny Sibilly: Boys Kissing. That's so like pure.

Steve Duffy (EDGE): Can you tell us about your characters?

Devin Way: Brody is super charming and chaotic and humble and sweet and misunderstood. I think, his greatest ability is to love. That also comes with a shadow side. You know, charm is deceptive. Beauty is fleeting. And I think we get to see a lot of that portrayed from Brody in the series.

Johnny Sibilly: Yeah, I agree. I would say that Noah is he's that cisgender daddy of the group. He has got a good job. He's got a nice house. But, boy, on the inside, he is going through it. And I think it's just such a fun character to play. Because there are so many people that walk around in the world that you don't know what they're going through. But they look like everything's good. So yeah, that's Noah.

Steve Duffy (EDGE): And what would either what have you say is there a character from the original series that you feel like you most identify with?

Johnny Sibilly: Oh, my gosh, I mean, for me, I think when I watched growing up, and even still a little bit today, I feel like Michael (Novotny, played by Hal Sparks)†from the Showtime version was always very much like (me). Yeah, I feel like that guy. I feel like I am, you know, nerdy and very specific; but wanting to be in love, but not knowing how to go about it. That's how I always I saw him. And I was like, oh, that's me.

Devin Way: Oh, I think his name is Stuart, in the UK version. (Stuart Allen Jones, played by (Aidan Gillen. He was renamed Brian Kinney for the US version and was played by Gale Harold.) I remember when I was watching it. I, there was this, like, this edge to him that I don't think I ever was in my personal life willing to explore. But always really like in the secret parts of my mind, wanted to come out. And I think as I've gotten older and more confident myself, I've allowed a little bit of that edge to be brought to the surface and achieve later.

Steve Duffy (EDGE): You know, like the original, there's lots of sex, right? So I mean, as an actor, how do you prepare for that kind for those scenes and that kind of stuff? It's all out there. In 20 years, little 12-year-old boys are going to be Googling boy kissing boy, and they're going to see you Devin. so I mean...

Devin Way: Honestly, that has not been lost on me. When I thought about when I first booked the show, actually, I really, really, really was hoping people... watched the show like me , like downloaded from the dark web. And I cannot wait for little kids, like me, to find this show in places, and really see themselves and find hope.

Johnny Sibilly: and be horny watching the corniness of the show.

Devin Way: Yeah, I hope when they're over 18.

Johnny Sibilly: You know, it's funny, because when you get the auditioning, and you know it tells you nudity or simulated nudity. You're like, okay. But also knowing what "Queer as Folk" was back then, it's like, I have a responsibility to do it in that kind of way — in an unapologetic sexy way. And I think it's very scary doing it in the moment, but then watching it back I know I was like "Oooooh." (Makes an astonished look.)

Devin Way: Oh, because imagine you're in this room, butt naked, with like a sock covering your jiggly bits. And literally, like four cameras and a man holding a sound thing.

Johnny Sibilly: don't ruin the mystique!

Devin Way: I mean it is not sexy when you're shooting it and you're like breathy kissing. And then you see it and it's like slow motion and lit sexy, and you're like...

Johnny Sibilly: we need more sex!

Devin Way: More sex. give me my sock. I hope everyone starts looking for their socks when they watch our show.