9 Celebs We Want to See Impersonated on 'Snatch Game'

by Barry Levitt

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday June 13, 2022

A moment from "RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars" Season 7's edition of "Snatch Game."
A moment from "RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars" Season 7's edition of "Snatch Game."   (Source:YouTube Still)

They say some things are inevitable in life: death, taxes, and the "Snatch Game" being the quintessential challenge on "RuPaul's Drag Race." A delightful take on the classic '70s star-studded gameshow "Match Game," the challenge finds competing drag queens impersonating a wide range of celebrities with the goal of making RuPaul laugh as much as possible. With 14 regular seasons of the show, seven "All-Star" editions, and a slew of international editions, "Snatch Game" is all but guaranteed in every season of "Drag Race" — and a challenge that can grant a queen front-runner and legendary status. Even though hundreds of queens have competed in the challenge there are still a whole bunch of celebrities that have yet to be impersonated, so we've put together a list of people we want — no, need — to see!

Bette Davis in a scene from "All About Eve."
Bette Davis in a scene from "All About Eve."  (Source: YouTube still)

Bette Davis

One of cinema's greatest actresses, Bette Davis left an unforgettable mark on movies with her powerful, intense presence. Her face and talents are recognized worldwide, and her fearless attitude and distinctive vocal cadence make her a dream fit for a "Drag Race" impersonation. It's wild to think that we've never seen such a Hollywood legend on "Snatch Game" before, though technically we have seen an impersonation of Bette Davis before. Chad Michaels played her in the "Gaff-In" episode on the first season of "All Stars," but the less said about that misfire of an episode, the better. If there's an icon who deserves a proper "Snatch Game," it's Bette!

Billy Eichner
Billy Eichner  (Source: Instagram/@billyeichner)

Billy Eichner

There was a time when playing a man on "Snatch Game" was taboo, but Kennedy Davenport broke the mold in Season 7 with her magnificent performance as Little Richard. Since then, we've seen quite a few male characters, and why not? After all, as Ru herself says, "you're born naked and the rest is drag." With that in mind, Billy Eichner feels like a natural choice for the "Snatch Game." He has a very distinct performance style, especially in his show "Billy on the Street." His loud, confrontational persona would be a treat to see and we hope somebody does his boisterous, Hollywood-know-it-all persona proud.

Joan Collins
Joan Collins  (Source: Instagram/@joancollinsdbe)

Joan Collins

British dame Joan Collins played Alexis Colby in the legendary '80s TV drama "Dynasty," and the character has been referenced on "Drag Race" countless times. Her masterfully shady remarks, dramatic gesturing, and divine outfits land her on our "Snatch Game" wish list. A well-studied performance could make use of an endless supply of one-liners and epic monologues. Playing Collins would be a great opportunity for a queen to show that she knows her herstory, and if done right, she could easily enter the pantheon of all-time greats.

udi Dench as Old Deuteronomy in a scene from "Cats."
udi Dench as Old Deuteronomy in a scene from "Cats."  (Source: Universal Pictures via AP)

Judi Dench

Classy British ladies have been fodder for some great "Snatch Game" moments — BenDeLaCreme's Maggie Smith, Blu Hydrangea's Mary Berry, and Anita Wiglit's Queen Elizabeth II all come to mind. While Dame Judi Dench has a reputation for being quite proper, it'd be hilarious to see a queen take a big risk and turn her into a cheeky Brit who'll do anything for a paycheck — she was in "Cats," after all!

Reba McEntire
Reba McEntire  (Source: Instagram/@reba)

Reba McEntire

It's hard to believe a southern queen hasn't taken on this country music legend yet, but Reba McEntire would be a joy to behold in the "Snatch Game." McEntire is a singer, actress (starring in her own TV show for six seasons), and business owner, which gives a queen plenty to work with. Her effortless charm, smarts, and charisma combined with her undeniable talent make the Queen of Country a terrific choice.

John Lennon in 1971
John Lennon in 1971  (Source: AP Photo)

John Lennon

All the members of the Beatles are known for having some world-class banter, and combining that with John Lennon's later years as a peace activist could result in some unexpected and hilarious moments on "Snatch Game." A particularly gifted queen could take us through the cycles of his life, switching wigs from his famous mop-top to longer hippy hair to paint a hilarious and intriguing portrait of one of the world's greatest artists. Lennon would be one of the more difficult characters to pull off, but if a queen could do him justice, it would be downright sickening.

Betty White
Betty White  (Source: AP Photo/Matt Sayles, File)

Betty White

Dozens of "Snatch Game" editions and still no Betty White. How come, "Drag Race?" It could be because of RuPaul's immense love and obsessive knowledge of "The Golden Girls." Past competitors played Betty White's co-star Rue McClanahan, and either went home or lipsynced for their lives. White is so much more than her role as Rose Nylund, and there's so much a queen could draw from while exuding White's magnificent joy and sense of humor. It's a big risk for sure, but the payoff could be enormous.

Tallulah Bankhead in a scene from the 1944 film "Lifeboat."
Tallulah Bankhead in a scene from the 1944 film "Lifeboat."  (Source: YouTube still)

Tallulah Bankhead

You may not have heard of Tallulah Bankhead before, but this extraordinary woman could easily be an all-time great snatch in the right queen's hands. The iconic Hollywood actress possessed a larger-than-life personality and a deliciously husky voice, which led animator Marc Davis to use Bankhead's persona to inspire the one and only Cruella de Vil. Bankhead was outspoken, fought for civil rights, and according to Joan Crawford, "had such authority, as if she ruled the earth." Sounds like "Snatch Game" perfection to us!

Oprah Winfrey (left) with Adele (right)
Oprah Winfrey (left) with Adele (right)  (Source: Instagram/@oprah)

Oprah Winfrey

Another star seen in the bizarre "Gaff-In" episode on "All Stars," Oprah Winfrey has never been on "Snatch Game." It would certainly be risky to take on one of the world's biggest legends, but a character like Winfrey could have a lot of fun playing off her fellow snatchers — she's a skilled interviewer after all! Oprah's warm, welcoming nature and generous spirit could be the recipe for a winning snatch if a queen is brave enough to take her on.