Bryant Wood — 'The Circle' Star & New Age Hunk — Sees Sexy Pics Go Viral

Wednesday May 12, 2021
Originally published on May 10, 2021

Bryant Wood
Bryant Wood  (Source:Instagram)

Bryant Wood is best known for his short stint as the sweet, spiritual addition to the second season of Netflix's "The Circle." He didn't make it past the second episode and his early departure led him to be overshadowed in the hunk department by Mitchell Eason, who came on the show on a later episode and appears to have formed a strong bond with another cast member, Chloe Veitch . Bryant, though, wasn't on the show long enough to make strong connections, and it could be because his New Age persona was a bit too etherial for his more cynical peers. When he described himself as working in "breath work," one dismissed him by saying we all breathe, while another wondered if that was just another way of saying he was unemployed.

Perhaps if he had introduced himself as a model and an actor, he would have had better luck. Or had dropped a pic from his modeling days as his profile pic, he would have made better connections. Who knows? You can check out the pics that the Sword posted (NSFW) and decide for yourself.

Bryant was introduced on the first episode by host Michelle Bateau as a "bona fide grade-A hippie," reported the website StyleCaster. The shaggy-haired 27-year-old double-downed on his New Age credentials by calling himself as "weirdo" and an "oddball" and told viewers that he lives in a "golden bubble of love" where "no bad juju is allowed."

"The Circle" is a realty show where players are isolated in separate apartments and communicate through a social network limited to just them. Over the course of two weeks, they form cyber-friendships and alliances with hopes of winning $100,000 in the final episode. Each contestant has the option of going on as themselves or to assume a catfish identity. Wood chose to be himself; that his himself at this moment since a dive into his past showed that there was lot more to him than his hippie persona. Perhaps if he had shown more of how he evolved, he would have had placed better. But Wood turned out to be the first one blocked from the competition.

Wood teaches "breath work" and philosophy, writes StyleCaster. "Breath work helps you become your own guru, where you can change stress into bliss, anxiety into excitement," he explained. How he turned to this profession came from the stress and unhappiness he had with his regular job, which led him to his hair falling out. He then had a "spiritual awakening," which led him to "Bryant 2.0" and breath work instruction.

"On his Instagram, @bryant.give, Bryant lists his job as a teacher for the Instagram account @whoisbreathing, as well as a co-founder for the organization Modern Nirvana, which helps 'people find their individual nirvana through ancient and modern practices.' The organization hosts an annual Modern Nirvana Conference, and has a Patreon as well as a YouTube channel," writes StyleCaster.

But who was Bryant 1.0?

He was born in Texas and a triplet. He developed a love for wrestling when young and earned a "full-ride wrestling scholarship to the Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, an NCAA Division I school," reported the Cinemaholic in a profile. After college he traveled the world before landing in Los Angeles where he pursued a career in acting and modeling.

"I was having an existential crisis when I was around 21 years old," he said in an interview. "I didn't know who or what I was, and the world just didn't make sense to me. When I was able to break down those [limiting beliefs on masculinity] and communicate with others, I realized that the little things that actually rented so much time in my head ceased to exist."

He said in a 2020 interview with VoyageLA: "I was in search of the perfect adventure. I wrestled division one to master my mind and body, which helped me learn the impact of not being enough after giving your all, but with that came the vital importance to continue feeling invincible. I discovered perceptual positioning and allowed myself to be beautiful and form new opinions. Merging the masculine and the feminine, I reclaimed a lot of my power. Then I traveled around the world modeling, and it led me to winning a physique competition for bodybuilding and modeling on America's Next Top model. I fell head over heals with acting and started working shortly after."

In 2015 he "competed on Season 22 of America's Next Top Model. He made it to Episode 3, but was eliminated when Tyra Banks chose the final 14 contestants," reported the website Bustle. "In his VoyageLA interview he said, 'fell head over heels' for acting because he wanted to "study the human condition." He was in the crime drama 'The Bay' and the comedy show 'This Just In,' and has three upcoming projects — two thrillers and the horror movie — on his schedule."

He touched upon how found himself on "The Circle."

"I was working a regular job and I was so stressed out, I would have my hair falling out. I was extremely unhappy." He is presently, according to Bustle, the Director of Influencer Relations at The Krim Group, which connects nonprofits with actors and influencers who can create visibility around their fundraisers, per its website." He also is a co-founder of Modern Nirvana. Per his website, Bryant goes by the name of iKar, "the one who touches the sky." He is a "master breath work" instructor who teaches yoga, mindfulness, and motivation. He writes that he's "studied in Buddhist Sanghas, learned from Sufi mystics, participated in week-long rituals with Ancient African IFA high priests, and immersed himself in Tibetan Buddhism."

While on "The Circle" he identified himself to the other contestants as teaching "breath work," which he described on the show as helping you "become your own guru where you can change stress into bliss, anxiety into excitement." With this technique, he has gotten rid of his anxiety, limiting beliefs, and fear.

Asked by player Terilisha what they were, he said: "Of course, my fear was I thought I had to be someone I was not, to be loved, not be loved. My limiting belief was I thought I had to work a job I didn't like to make money. And my anxiety was making decisions that were not good for this world.

"To be honest, I had a slutty stage. I was addicted to stimulants and bulimic. It is great to be open about these things and be loved because of them."

Little could be discovered about Bryant's personal life, before or after his "slutty stage." But the website Cinemaholic put it this way: "Because Bryant has made no definite comments about his dating life as of late, it seems like he is single. Moreover, as the online rumor mills about his romantic history vary quite a bit, we can't be sure about his previous connections either. After all, he's never been one to share all the details about his personal life on social media. However, we hope that if he does get into a serious relationship, he'll introduce them to his fans and followers."

He also has some 537,000 followers on Instagram. Here are some reasons why:

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