Justin Bieber Offered $2 Million to Do Gay Porn Scene

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Thursday January 15, 2015

This is taking gay-for-pay to the extreme.

Pop star and Calvin Klein undies model Justin Bieber has been offered $2 million by a gay porn company to perform in a scene with one of the company's biggest gay porn stars, E! Online reports.

Men.com (NSFW) posted a YouTube video of their exclusive actor Johnny Rapid (he's apparently number one in the gay porn game!), who asks the 20-year-old "Confidant" singer to have sex with him for the sum of $2 million.

"I can't even believe I'm gonna say this, but I have an incredible offer for you, Justin Bieber," Rapid says in the video. "Men.com and I are offering you $2 million to do a scene with me. $2 million, that's insane! Anyways, it will be easy, I'll do most of the work, come in for a few hours, then you're out of here with $2 million. Hope to see you soon."

The clip, which currently has nearly 205,000 views, also has a description which reads: "Breaking: Now that we've all seen his beautiful bulge, it's about time we see just how much heat Bieber is packing under there!"

It looks like the people behind Men.com saw the sexy black and white photo shoot Bieber recently did for Calvin Klein, or they spoke with the singer's trainer, who confirmed that Bieber's got a big one, after allegations that the singer's photos were Photoshopped.

But will Bieber do gay porn? Let's be real: His net worth is an estimated $200 million so $2 million probably would not entice him to bend over. He probably won't even address the offer.

Watch Rapid's SFW offer below:

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