'Frameline Voices' Relaunches with LGBTQ Short Films

Sunday November 22, 2020

'Frameline Voices' Relaunches with LGBTQ Short Films

Frameline Voices is a curated program of short films representing experiences unique to LGBTQ+ people and communities. Voices fosters career advancement for queer, trans and gender non-binary creators through the exhibition of their work beyond our festival, while expanding overall mainstream media representation of LGBTQ+ people by telling their stories.

The 2020 relaunch sees Frameline partnered with a variety of platforms to exhibit the films including Alaska Airlines, Teen Vogue and most notably, an upcoming release on Here TV December 25.

Below is an overview of the films and themes.

"Carving Space"

Director: Annie Dean-Ganek
Runtime: 16 min
Genre: Documentary
Themes: Sports, Identity
Cast: Jeffrey Cheung, Leo Baker

Unity Skateboarding, founded in 2016 by Jeffrey Cheung and his partner Gabriel Ramirez in Oakland, seeks to create a safe space and visibility for queer skateboarders within the hetero-masculine mainstream skateboarding culture. "Carving Space" follows Unity and affiliated queer skate activists — including 2019 US Olympic Skateboarding team member, Leo Baker— as they provide spaces and voices to the often-overlooked queer community.

'Flood'  (Source: Frameline)


Director: Joseph Amenta
Runtime: 13 min
Genre: Drama
Themes: Latinx, Gay
Cast: Sanjay Pavone, Isabelle Franca

A teenage boy takes his younger sister on an adventure wearing face paint and glitter on her tenth birthday. These colorful bandits move through their environments experiencing small joys while turning a blind eye to reality. It isn't until their celebration is interrupted that the cost of their freedom is exposed.

'Mr. Navajo'  (Source: Frameline)

Mr. Navajo

Directors: Jasper Rischen & Saila Huusko
Runtime: 14 min
Genre: Documentary
Themes: Native American Identity, Activism
Cast: Zachariah George

Zachariah George is a twenty-five-year-old Native American living in the rural outcrop of White Rock, New Mexico. Going by the moniker Mr. Navajo, George wears two hats; the first as a public figure renowned for event speaking and singing in the Navajo language, the second is as an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

'Were You Gay in High School?'  (Source: Frameline)

"Were You Gay in High School?"

Director: Niki Ang
Runtime: 13 min
Genre: Comedy
Themes: Lesbian, Coming of Age
Cast: Sierra Puett, Alex Song

Two queer women recall their awkward, closeted high school days of kissing boys and straight-girl crushes.

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