Nick Fitt Out of Falcon Studios After 'Gay for Pay' Debacle

Saturday June 11, 2022
Originally published on June 9, 2022

Nick Fitt
Nick Fitt  (Source:Falcon Studios)

Falcon Studios is hiring a new head of production.

This opening comes with the unexpected departure of Nick Fitt, who has only held the position for a few months. Fitt is also a model with numerous credits with Falcon and other major adult studios.

Fitt was caught in the middle of a public relations debacle after he posted on his personal Twitter account earlier in the week that the studio would no longer hire "Gay for Pay" actors.

(Source: Twitter)

On June 7, Fitt wrote: "After #pride I FIRMLY support protecting our queer spaces. I am in a role that can make a difference: No longer will I hire 'Gay for Pay' entertainers to play the role of gay/bi models. I heard you loud and clear this weekend. Gay models should be in gay roles. #gayforgay"

He later retracted the statement with a second tweet, then deleted both tweets.

How Fitt had planned on implementing his litmus test wasn't revealed, but, as reports: "While some gay for pay models have been problematic both on and off set, Falcon Studios (not to mention roughly half of all gay porn produced over the last 45 years) would obviously never have existed without them." adds: "There are also models who are pansexual or sexually fluid and don't identify as straight, gay, or bi, but Fitt didn't specify if there would be a ban on pan models like he says there is on the straights. However the details play out in the casting and filming process, it sounds like Fitt just made the jobs of production employees (not to mention Falcon's legal department) a lot more complicated as they begin to hire people based on their sexual orientation."

A tweet from the Falcon Studios contradicted Fitt's initial statement. "Falcon | NakedSword President Tim Valenti assures talent and fans that company policy strictly prohibits discriminatory casting based on sexual orientation. 'We've never been concerned how our models identify in their personal lives as long as they deliver on set.' "

Str8UpGayPorn says there are multiple reports as to Fitt's departure. "Yesterday, one source told Str8Up that Fitt was likely going to be fired today, while this afternoon, a different source told Str8Up that Fitt actually resigned this morning. Perhaps Fitt learned he was going to be let go, so he quit in advance. Or, perhaps he just realized he wasn't qualified to hold the position. Either way, after a brief few months (and reportedly multiple disciplinary write-ups — the incident with the 'no gay for pay' wasn't the first problem) Nick Fitt's time with Falcon is over. If anyone out there is looking to work in porn production (which includes booking travel, organizing sets, casting, etc.), Falcon is hiring."