Watch Out Olympian Dominic Clarke Wow 'The Voice' Judges with His Vocal Chops

Sunday May 8, 2022
Originally published on April 25, 2022

Dominic Clarke
Dominic Clarke  

Last summer Outsports took notice of Olympian Dominic Clarke when he represented Australia as a Pride ambassador for Gymnastics New South Wales.

"In June," Outsports wrote, "Clarke, 24, was named Pride ambassador along with former Australian gymnast and current coach Mic Whitehouse. In a short†Facebook video, Clarke said, "I've been involved in gymnastics for over 20 years as a coach, judge and athlete. As a queer-identifying athlete, pride to me means being myself and promoting equality where I can within my chosen sport."

Today Clarke is making headlines for another of his talents — his ringing falsetto that he showed of to winning advantage on Australia's "The Voice" this week.

"The trampolinist's rendition of Sam Fischer's 'This City' won over all the judges who all turned their chairs within 45 seconds Dominic, 25, who identifies as gay and queer,†received a well-deserved standing ovation following the blind audition," writes Attitude.

It only took 23-seconds for the first of two judges to turn their chairs around, adds Outsports.

"Jessica Mauboy smashed her chair's button and exclaimed "WHOA!" so thunderously, it was as if Clarke's vocals made her realize she knows kung fu. By the 45-second mark, Clarke's falsetto had won over Keith Urban, resulting in all four judges choosing to advance him past the first round."

His Olympian background was picked up on by judge Guy Sebastian called attention to the Olympic rings tattoo on his left forearm.

"When pressed as to which experience was more difficult," Outsports reports, "Clarke admitted that 'This [singing] is way scarier. Because this is my soul! This is my soul! I'm a robot on the trampoline. But here this're getting 100 percent me. And that's really scary.'"

On the trampoline at the Olympic Games, Clarke turned in a fourth place finish in the Tokyo Olympics qualifying round to make it to the finals.

"After making it to the next round, Clarke chose Rita Ora as his mentor for the duration of the show. Based on the reaction to his audition, he'll be a contestant to watch," concludes Outsports.