PopUps: Did Ryan Phillippe Shade Ellen DeGeneres on Instagram?

Tuesday October 27, 2020

Ryan Phillippe
Ryan Phillippe  (Source:Instagram / @ryanphillippe)

It's been a few weeks since Ellen DeGeneres returned to the airwaves amid her toxic workplace controversy. And though the drama has quieted down, Ryan Phillippe isn't forgetting.

Taking to Instagram this week, the actor shared a photo to his Instagram Stories amid a jog while standing in front of a billboard for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," Us Weekly reports. He edited his selfie, adding the text: "And remember to be kind...wait," referencing Ellen's "be kind" catchphrase.

Ryan Phillipe. Photo credit: Screenshot via Instagram/@ryanphillippe

The magazine adds that Phillippe, 46, hasn't appeared on the Emmy-winning talk show since 2011 and that his ex-wife Reese Witherspoon is pals with Ellen and appeared on the show back in March.


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