Retired NBA Player Jason Collins & His Partner Test Positive for Coronavirus

Thursday March 26, 2020

Jason Collins, left, and his partner Burson Green, right.
Jason Collins, left, and his partner Burson Green, right.  (Source:Instagram / @jasoncollins_98)

Former NBA player Jason Collins and his partner have both tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Taking to Twitter Tuesday, the athlete revealed that he believes he "got it while on a trip to N.Y.C. at the beginning of the month." He added that the trip was for the Brooklyn Nets Pride night game.

"I had my first symptoms on Wed Mar 11. Terrible headache. A few days later I had a fever and then the cough," Collins wrote. "On Saturday I went to the ER and got tested and spoke with some docs about the tightness in my chest.

"I'm home now resting but still experiencing some tightness and might go back to the hospital later today. On Saturday my lungs were clear, which obviously is good," the former center added.

Collins went on to urge people to keep up social distancing in order to "flatten the curve" and participate in self-isolation.

"Please stay safe and continue to social distance. Thank you to every single health care worker out there that are our true heroes on the frontline," he wrote. "Please let's try to flatten the curve & not overwhelm our health care system."

After the response of well-wishes, Collins said he's "deeply grateful for the [love]," adding that his partner Burson Green also has COVID-19.

"He's doing better today, but we're still not out of the woods yet. We're continuing to self-isolate in our home," he tweeted.

Collins made headlines in 2013 when he came out and became the first openly gay player in the NBA.

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