One Million Moms Takes Aim at Cottonelle Ad Featuring Gay Couple

Monday March 4, 2019

Cottonelle is defending an ad featuring a gay couple and flushing the haters away!

One Million Moms, a group not actually made up of one million moms but is part of the Southern Poverty Law Center designated anti-LGBTQ group The American Family Association, is again complaining about queer representation.

This time, OMM is taking issue with toilet paper company Cottonelle, which recently made headlines for featuring a gay couple in a commercial. The group urged its followers to boycott the company with a statement posted to its website. In its post, the group writes the company has "turned off many of its conservative customers" because the "ad features a homosexual couple and suggests one should 'feel like the kind of guy you can take home to mother' when meeting the parents."

"All of Cottonelle's commercials are on YouTube, but this ad with a gay couple is the only one with the comments disabled, and with more dislikes than likes, it is probably safe to say many of their customers were not praising the company like they hoped," the post continues."...Cottonelle, owned by Kimberly-Clark Corporation, should be more responsible in advertising. These ads are airing on television when children are likely watching, even on conservative networks such as the Hallmark Channel."

Elsewhere in the post, OMM complains about other marketing tactics and ads from Cottonelle.

"Cottonelle should go back to using cute puppies in their advertisements instead of focusing on controversial issues," the post concludes.

As of this writing, over 8,880 people have signed the petition.

Though Cottonelle turned off the comments section for the ad posted to YouTube, it didn't stop haters to take issue with the clip on Twitter, sparking the company to defend itself from using a gay couple.

Check out some of its response below and revisit the ad, which currently has over 55,000 views, also below.

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