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Trump-Supporting Twitter Troll Steals Gay Actor's Pics for Account

Wednesday Jan 3, 2018

A Donald Trump-supporting Twitter troll is getting called out after using photos of hunky out actor Matthew Camp for their profile.

Camp, known for 2013 drama "Getting Go," is also a model will appear in the upcoming sequel to "Hurricane Bianca." He's also got a large following on Instagram (unsurprising!) with 490,000 followers and almost 27,000 Twitter followers. It's easy to understand why the Twitter troll used Camp's pics for the Twitter account @seaman0333, which goes by the username SeeBass.

Last week, Camp took a screenshot of the account and shared it on his Twitter. The photo shows that the account's bio read at the time, "Gay conservative PROUD TRUMP SUPPORTER #MAGA #ProNRA.."#AmericaFirst..[no] PC..avid dog lover!!! Country music [thumbs up emoji] Don't knock my POTUS." The account's header is a picture of the American flag and has 531 followers since being created in March 2017.

Camp tweeted at the account on Dec. 31, writing, "Don't use my picture to support Trump...fake account #notme #Dumptrump."

The account is still active but the user has removed the photos of Camp.

[H/T Instinct]


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