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President Pence: Did the LGBTQ Community Dodge a Bullet?

By Merryn Johns | Feb 10
Dream: Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office. Nightmare: Mike Pence is President of the United States.

The Trump Presidency has Truly Redefined 'Breaking News'

By D'Anne Witkowski | Oct 28
If you feel exhausted, disgusted, and helpless, well then, know that they're getting to you. All is working as planned. Tuning out the chaos is often the only coping mechanism that seems possible. Unfortunately, that means letting the chaos win.

Trump Jokes: Pence 'Wants to Hang' All Gay People

By Brittany Ferrendi | Oct 18
In a feature by "The New Yorker" on a possible Pence presidency and its threat to progressive ideals, a staff member from Trump's campaign revealed the president has often belittled the vice president, whose anti-LGBT views are a matter of record.

Pence Carves His Own Political ID, on Behalf of Trump

By Ken Thomas and Steve Peoples | Aug 8
Shuttling across the country aboard Air Force Two, Vice President Mike Pence has been a loyal messenger for President Donald Trump. At the same time, he has been carving out his own political identity.

Pence Hands Over AOL Emails from Time as Indiana's Governor

By Brian Slodysko | Aug 6
Vice President Mike Pence has turned over emails from private accounts he used to conduct official business while he was Indiana's governor.

Ind. Gov. Pence's Approval Deeply Damaged by 'Religious Freedom' Law

By EDGE | Apr 14
Governor Mike Pence may be seeing some long-term political damage as a result of his signing Indiana's now amended "license to discriminate" law.

Hoosiers May Be Able to Get High Under New 'Religious Freedom' Law

By EDGE | Apr 6
Is religion a gateway drug? In Indiana it may be.

Ind. Gov Get's Twitter-Slapped By Broadway Diva Over Anti-Gay Law

By EDGE | Mar 27
Leave it to a six-time Tony Award winner Audra McDonald to add some major theatrics to the scene playing out over social media in response to Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence's signing of a "license to discriminate" bill Thursday.

1 thru 8 of 8 Stories