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President Pence: Did the LGBTQ Community Dodge a Bullet?

By Merryn Johns | Feb 10
Dream: Donald Trump is impeached and removed from office. Nightmare: Mike Pence is President of the United States.

Judge Hints At Taking Up Trump Foreign Payments Case

By Tami Abdollah and Stephen Braun | Jan 26
A federal judge in Maryland hinted Thursday that he may take up a case questioning whether President Donald Trump's business empire violates the "emoluments" clause of the Constitution.

Tabloid Held Porn Star's 2011 Interview After Trump Threat

By Jake Pearson | Jan 20
A tabloid magazine held back from publishing an adult film star's 2011 account of an alleged affair with Donald Trump after the future president's personal lawyer threatened to sue, four former employees of the tabloid's publisher told The Associated Pres

Democratic Lawmakers Want to Subpoena Trump Organization

By Tami Abdollah | Jan 14
Democratic members of the House oversight committee asked the Republican chairman to begin a serious investigation into President Donald Trump's conflicts of interests.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump Inflates the Size of His Tax Cuts

Jan 10
President Donald Trump is misstating the size of his tax cuts.

BuzzFeed Editor 'Proud' to Have Published Trump Dossier

Jan 10
BuzzFeed's top editor says he's "proud" that the organization published an uncorroborated dossier about Donald Trump and his presidential campaign.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump Can't Claim Credit for Zero Jet Deaths

By Joan Lowy | Jan 3
There were no commercial passenger jet deaths anywhere in the world last year. It's a remarkable record, but is it fair for President Donald Trump to claim some of the credit? Not exactly.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's 'Middle-Class Miracle' Favors Wealthy

By Christopher Rugaber and Calvin Woodward | Dec 23
You wouldn't know it from President Donald Trump's rhetoric, but the tax overhaul coming into effect is heavily tilted to the rich. It also leaves "Obamacare" in place, despite his assertion that the tax plan repeals the health care law.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump Sells Short the Record of Predecessors

By Calvin Woodward | Dec 21
President Donald Trump isn't waiting for the facts to emerge from the deadly Amtrak train derailment south of Seattle before using the accident to plug his infrastructure plan.

Lawyers Clash Over Impact of Trump's Rules on Birth Control

By Sudhin Thanawala | Dec 13
Lawyers for California and the U.S. Department of Justice clashed in court Tuesday over whether new rules from President Donald Trump's administration would dramatically reduce women's access to free birth control.

1 thru 10 of 121 Stories