by Greg Vellante
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Apr 8, 2020

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"Parasite" is now the winner of four Academy Awards, including history-making recognition for writer/director Bong Joon Ho (Original Screenplay, Director), as well as unprecedented achievements for Best International Film (the first South Korean film to win) and Best Picture (the first film in a non-English language to ever win the top award).

As such, more people are going to begin to seek out this deliciously twisted black comedy by one of our finest contemporary cinematic craftsmen. And with the release of "Parasite" on Blu-ray, there has never been a better time than now to discover (or revisit) this one-of-a-kind film that has shattered barriers of representation in the awards circuit.

But "Parasite" is so much more than its trophies indicate. Yes, they're well-deserved, but nothing will ever match up to the experience one feels in actually witnessing this incredible balancing of storytelling, visual prowess and biting commentary. There's been nothing quite like "Parasite" before, and there may never be again. In its new Blu-ray release, Bong Joon Ho's film is presented with beautiful picture and sound, bringing a rich experience directly into your living room or home theater.

As for bonus features, this first release of "Parasite" is unfortunately lacking, containing only a Fantastic Fest Q&A with Bong that lasts less than 20 minutes. If you care about supplemental material, it'd be best to hold out for an impending 4K Ultra HD or even Criterion release of the film (both are quite likely).

In short, this is a must-have if you crave quality cinema, but worthy of waiting for the next iteration of home release if you desire more in-depth bonus features. Regardless, "Parasite" is a masterpiece.

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