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Strike Back: Final Season

by JC Alvarez
Friday Feb 14, 2020
'Strike Back: Final Season'
'Strike Back: Final Season'  

It just keeps on hitting! When Cinemax (the half-sibling of premiere cable site HBO) decided that it was due to enter the "originals" arena, it made quite an impression with the adoption of the adrenaline-kicking, testosterone filled British action-series "Strike Back" which was centered on the covert missions of a globe-trotting anti-terrorist organization that went into the international hot zones few dared to venture! And when the crossfire anti-aircraft weaponry wasn't causing enough damage, our heroes found other ways of turning up the heat!

Let's face it, when the desert landscape is as treacherous as it appears and the enemy is tracking your every movement, the best way to compensate is to blend in with the locals — often sweaty and shirtless — and recoup in the questionable local dives with an equally agreeable agent who is always willing to take a bullet, or help to holster your gun. The series immediately won an audience stateside with its rapid-fire action and sex appeal, and avoided cancellation not once, but twice on Cinemax! But it looks like this is the final mission!

Entering into "Strike Back" Season 7 premiering on Cinemax, February 14 at 10pm, fans get right into the thick of things as the agents of Section 20 lead by the Commanding Officer Coltrane, played by Jamie Bamber (of "Battlestar Galactica" fame) is tasked with recruiting his best operatives to rescue a biochemist who may have developed a virus that is in the midst of become weaponized, setting off a profitable arms race with the free world hanging in the balance!

Section 20 finds themselves working from every corner of the globe and enlisting help from even our most desperate enemies in order to successfully complete their mission. From Tel Aviv to Munich, the nail-biting thrills of daring antics are vividly realized. At times the cast which includes Warren Brown, Daniel MacPherson and Alin Sumarwata may feel a bit on the two-dimensional sized, you're able to pass it off as "military-realness." These are the people in the thick of things — and they take no prisoners!

With the streaming market opening wide and the advent popularity of series focused on military strategy and world espionage, there are few like "Strike Back" that have been able to toe the line of providing authentic excitement and thrills. The series has always played up its ability to navigate its campaigns to an international platform, and still keep up a relatively "real-looking" thrill even though it works on a modest budget. The drama and intensity are always at a fever pitch, but the action also heats up whenever one of its stars strips down to their skivvies.

With 10 episodes rounding out this advertised "Final Season," it looks like this may be the last time audiences can dive into the middle of the action with Section 20, but don't count them out yet! Based on the novel by one-time Special Air Service agent Chris Ryan, and given the show's popularity, the possibility that a reboot or "next generation" turn is always possible. The world of is after all a dangerous place, and Section 20 may be called into action ready to deploy, working in the shadows and striking once again.

"Strike Back" Season 7
a Cinemax Original Series
premiers Friday, February 14

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