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Jessica Jones - The Complete First Season

by JC Alvarez
Wednesday Sep 13, 2017
Jessica Jones - The Complete First Season

Alias Investigations is on the case! When Netflix announced it would be realizing for its subscribers another Marvel Comics property to fly alongside its premiere hit "Daredevil," many fans wondered which super-powered character would be adding to the demand. There's no question Marvel's "Jessica Jones" - The Complete First Season, available now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD, has risen to the challenge and changed the game!

Based on one of the Modern Age of Comics' more obscure comics' heroines, Jessica Jones (played by the electrifyingly subtle Krysten Ritter) isn't exactly a wonder woman in the waiting. Jones is suffering from a tragedy that has shaken her to the core and has practically paralyzed her from her super heroics. Instead, she takes on cases, having established Alias Investigations in the heart of Hell's Kitchen, the home of another urban street-fighting daredevil.

When a mystery from her past begins to insert itself into her present, a sociopath named Kilgrave, (the comic's villain Purple Man is played deliciously by one-time "Doctor Who" star David Tennant) Jessica has no other alternative but to confront her fears and rise to the occasion. Fortunately, Jessica Jones is not alone in her battle! She's joined by the equally indestructible Luke Cage (Mike Colter), an ally that will charge to her defense.

As Kilgrave continues to move in closer to Jessica Jones, the stakes become higher and stopping the maniac before he consumes her or kills anyone else becomes of paramount importance. Marvel's "Jessica Jones" is unlike anything that the studio had yet produced, and this critically acclaimed First Season helps ignite an all-new fandom for the subscriber-based adaptations of the Marvel heroes.

The Complete First Season is delivered in this 3-disc set that features all 13 episodes that lead right into the spin-offs for Marvel's "Luke Cage" starring Colter and the superhero team-up series "Defenders." If you're expecting some behind-the-scenes bonus features, that's where this box set disappoints. There are no bonus attractions that take fans onto the set of the series which is mostly shot in New York City. Audiences will have to digest the episodes alone and like it!

Marvel's "Jessica Jones" - The Complete First Season
available now on Blu-ray 3-disc Set, DVD and Digital HD

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