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I Dream In Another Language

by Roger Walker-Dack
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Sunday Oct 8, 2017
'I Dream in Another Language'
'I Dream in Another Language'  

Mexican filmmaker Ernesto Contreras's fourth feature film " Dream in Another Language," with a script by his brother (Carlos Contreras), is a magical tale about the search for a language that is on the brink of extinction, because the last two remaining elderly speakers are bitter enemies who haven't exchanged a word for the past 50 years.

Martin (Fernando Álvarez Rebeil ) is a young linguist expert who has traveled to a remote part of Mexico in the hope of recording some conversations with these last two people known to be fluent in Zikril. There was a third person, but she dies practically as soon as Martin arrives in the tiny hamlet in the jungle, so he is left with no alternative than trying to get Don Isauro (José Manuel Poncelis) and Don Evaristo (Eligio Meléndez)to agree to talk to each other.

Isauro never married but widowed Evaristo lives with his granddaughter Lluvia (Fátima Molina) who is the one who eventually shares with Martin how the two men who had been blood brothers had fallen out over a girl when they were teenagers. The twist is the fact that Evaristo has only married her to suppress his true sexuality and stop her from sharing what she witnessed on the beach one hot summer day.

It takes time and the bribe of a new television to get the two men to now agree to have a conversation, and to everyone's relief it is a great success and they actually start to renew their friendship. However, this new turn of events doesn't last long as though both men still have this deep bond for each other, while Isuaro remembers it fondly, Evaristo is still very ashamed and violently turns on his old friend yet once again.

This is all set against the story of trying not just trying to save this lost language but be a witness to an ancient fading culture that is steeped in mysticism such as the mammoth cave in the jungle where the spirits take all the Zikril people's bodies when they die. It's a society that sees things differently than most others, but obviously not when it comes to sexuality.

It's an intriguing movie with the backstory told in flashbacks, and one that makes a great use of the rather stunning dramatic vistas. It unfolds at a slow, gentle pace and even the side plot of Martin hooking up with Lluvia doesn't ease the sadness of the way these two men led such unhappy lives simply because they were never allowed to be their true selves. 

I Dream in Another Language

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Runtime :: 103 mins
Release Date :: Jul 28, 2017
Language :: Silent
Country :: Mexico


Martín :: Fernando Rebeil
Isauro :: José Poncelis
Evaristo :: Eligio Meléndez
Lluvia :: Fatima Molina
Evaristo joven :: Juan de Santiago
Isauro joven :: Hoze Meléndez
Flaviana :: Norma Angélica
Jacinta :: Mónica Miguel
María :: Nicolasa Monasterio
Santiago :: Héctor Jiménez
Fausto :: José Macías
Marthita :: Gabriela Cartol
Sacerdote :: Juan Antonio Llanes
Silverio :: Mardonio Carballo


Director :: Ernesto Contreras
Screenwriter :: Carlos Contreras
Producer :: Luis Albores
Producer :: Erika Avila
Producer :: Mónica Lozano
Producer :: Dijana Olcay-Hot
Producer :: Raymond van der Kaaij
Cinematographer :: Tonatiúh Martínez
Film Editor :: Jorge Macaya
Original Music :: Andrés Sánchez
Production Design :: Barbara Enriquez

Roger Walker-Dack, a passionate cinephile, is a freelance writer, critic and broadcaster and the author/editor of three blogs. He divides his time between Miami Beach and Provincetown.


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