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Drag Queen Accuses Katy Perry of Not Paying Queens, Retracts Comments

Monday Jul 17, 2017

A New York City drag queen who lashed out against Katy Perry in a series of tweets, claiming the pop star was "begging drag queens to do a music video for two days with no pay," has retracted her comments, the BBC reports.

Vicky Vox recently made headlines for her Twitter rant, where she claimed Perry and her team wanted performers to work for free on a music video.

"It wasn't until we all said NOPE ... that they said maybe there might be some budget," she wrote. "But they'll get back to us tomorrow? No, fuck this. You need to know today, you stressed that. Do you think we just like to prance around for sugarplum dreams? Bitch, THIS IS FUCKING WORK."

"Drag queens should not have to beg you to value them. Not only is it insulting you asked them to value themselves as worthless," Vox went on to tweet. "You were going to USE them for your gain. Then say maybe when they say their time is valuable ... you say maybe ... NO!"

Vox later called out Perry, tweeting to her directly, saying, "just so it's clear. I had love for you. Your team fucked up."

But taking to Instagram Saturday, the performer walked back her statements and apologized to the "Swish Swish" singer in a lengthy post.

"I said what I said with no intent of it all blowing up. It happened," she wrote. "Truly, I'm sorry Katy Perry's name got brought into it."

Check out Vox's post below.

[H/T Page Six]


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