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Stud competes for FedEx $50K

by Jim Provenzano .
Friday Mar 22, 2019

The recent news of the two-year lease extension to historic LGBTQ bar The Stud had fans cheering. To help pay their rent and bills, the bar's collective owners are competing in a $50,000 grant opportunity funded by Federal Express.

Supporters have until April 1 to vote.

In their project statement, Stud owners wrote, "While we're excited to announce we've recently secured a two-year lease extension, the Stud still needs a permanent home. We could use financial support for a down payment on a new space, for renovations, upgraded sound equipment but mostly, we would love to be able to offer prospective co-op members without the resources to join, some assistance. A way to honor the Stud's longtime motto 'Everyone Is Welcome,' and stand by our mission and vision which is rooted in inclusivity and accessibility."

Go to their website for details on voting.
The deadline is April 1, so act fast.

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