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Alabama's Chief Justice Defends His Anti-Gay Marriage Memo

Jul 27
Alabama's suspended Chief Justice Roy Moore is defending his January memo to probate judges regarding same-sex marriage.

Kim Davis Being Sued by Woman Who Wants to Marry an Animal

Jul 27
Kim Davis just can't seem to keep herself out of the spotlight.

Judge: Attempted Reagan Assassin Can Leave Hospital and Live in Virginia

Jul 27
The man who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan will be allowed to leave a Washington mental hospital and live full-time in Virginia, a judge has ruled.

Westboro Baptist Church Philly Protest Thwarted by Brass Band and 'Great Wall of Love'

Jul 27
It took a "Great Wall of Love" accompanied by a brass band Tuesday to drown out the hate spewed by the anti-LGBT Westboro Baptist Church in Philadelphia.

Fox News' O'Reilly Says Slaves Who Built White House Were 'Well Fed and Had Decent Lodgings'

Jul 27
Forget that whole whipping thing. According to Fox News' Bill O'Reilly the slaves whose unpaid labor built the White House didn't have it so bad.

Glory Hole Gaffe Leaves Church Organist in Hot Water

Jul 27
A church organist in suburban Tampa, Florida found himself in a pickle when he was arrested for exposing himself in a public restroom stall to someone who obviously didn't want to play his organ.

N. Carolina GOP Spends Over $176,000 Defending Anti-LGBT Law

By Gary D. Robertson and Emery P. Dalesio | Jul 27
More than $176,000 in legal bills have been racked up by North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and state GOP legislative leaders to defend the law directing transgender people to use school or govt restrooms corresponding to their birth certificate.

Dark Smoke Hangs Over Scenic Stretch of Pacific Coast

By Terence Chea and John Antczak | Jul 27
A wildfire was fouling the summer season on a beloved and scenic stretch of the California coast, where smoke and the threat of flames forced the closure of state parks near Big Sur.

Transgender Teen Asks Court Not to Bar Him from Restroom

Jul 27
An attorney for a transgender teen in Virginia is urging the U.S. Supreme Court not to bar him from using the boys restroom when he returns to school this fall.

Victim's Leg Broken in Hell's Kitchen Anti-Gay Attack

Jul 26
Manhattan's ├╝ber gay neighborhood Hells Kitchen was the site of an anti-gay attack that left a victim badly beaten with a broken leg.

1 thru 10 of 20684 Stories