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3 People Sued for Damages Over 2014 Attack on Gay Couple

May 20
Two gay men beaten by a group in Philadelphia are suing three of their attackers.

Report: 3 Men Accused of Beating Gay Man Likely to Avoid Prison Under Plea

May 17
Three Hasidic men accused of beating a gay student in Brooklyn in 2013 will likely avoid prison time due to an expected plea deal, according to a report from the New York Daily News.

48-Year Fugitive Fights to Remain Out of Prison

May 17
After escaping from a Georgia prison in 1968, Robert Stackowitz hid out in a quiet Connecticut town.

Teacher Suspended For Allegedly Sending Nudes to Students Via Grindr

May 16
High school officials from Nashua, N.H. have suspended a teacher after he was accused of sending nude photos of himself to students via the gay hook up app Grindr.

Judge: Law Doesn't Cover Gay Hate Crimes in Ex-Player's Case

By Jonathan Mattise | May 14
West Virginia law doesn't consider violence or threats of violence based solely on a victim's sexual orientation to be a hate crime, a circuit judge ruled Friday.

Tourist Punched in Face After Refusing to Tip Times Square 'Free Hugs' Guy

May 13
Did you say "free hugs" or "free slugs?"

Gay Kan. Pastor Stabbed in the Stomach, Called 'Stupid Faggot'

May 12
A gay pastor from Wichita, Kan. said a man stabbed him in the stomach last week before hurling gay slurs at him. He believes he was targeted because of his sexuality.

Pistol Used In Trayvon Martin Shooting To Be Auctioned

May 12
"I'm a free American," Martin's killer George Zimmerman said. "I can do what I want with my possessions."

Naked Man Busted in Okla. Says He Went Cuckoo on 'Cocoa Puffs'

May 11
Add this one to your list of slang terms for street drugs.

Police: Man Detained Outside Taylor Swift's NYC Home

May 11
A man described by police as emotionally disturbed has been detained outside Taylor Swift's home in Manhattan.

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