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Are U.S. Lawyers Helping Launder Money?

Feb 2
"60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss his report.

Va. Tech Students Charged in Death of 13-Year-Old Girl

Feb 2
Nicole Lovell's body was found Saturday near the Virginia-North Carolina border, more than 50 miles from her home and Virginia Tech's campus.

Azealia Banks Will Not Faces Charges for Alleged Security Guard Assault

Feb 1
Citing a lack of evidence, the L.A. City Attorney rejected a case involving rapper Azealia Banks, who was accused of allegedly assaulting a security guard in October, according to TMZ.

First Reported Trans Murder of 2016 Occurs in Texas

Feb 1
In 2015, at least 23 trans women were murdered in the U.S. and now the first known homicide of a trans woman in 2016 has been reported.

"48 Hours": Robert Durst's Next Move in Court

Feb 1
Real estate heir Robert Durst is expected to plead guilty on a gun charge, making him one step closer to facing a murder charge.

San Francisco Police Recite Pledge to Root Out Intolerance

By Paul Elias | Jan 31
San Francisco police officers are being asked to combat racism in the ranks and take a pledge to turn in colleagues displaying intolerant behavior, such as slurs and jokes targeting people of color, gays and women.

Victim of Gun Point Robbery Says Attackers Used Grindr To Meet Him

By John McDonald | Jan 30
The victim of an alleged attempted robbery told police he was lured into the situation through the use of the gay dating app Grindr.

FBI Video Shows Shooting of Oregon Militia Member

Jan 30
Several protesters are still holding out at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Chicago Man Charged With Killing BF After Being Accused of Cheating

Jan 28
Police arrested and charged a Chicago man with fatally stabbing his boyfriend during a heated argument Sunday, after the suspect was accused of cheating on his partner.

No Charges in Battery Complaint Against Chris Brown in Vegas

Jan 26
Authorities in Las Vegas say R&B singer Chris Brown won't be charged with a crime based on a woman's complaint about a New Year's weekend altercation in a casino resort hotel room.

11 thru 20 of 1382 Stories