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Celebrity Trainers Offer 9 Steps for Getting Back to the Gym

By Kelli Kennedy | Dec 22
Looking to get back into working out after a lengthy or perhaps a lifelong hiatus but feeling intimidated at the thought of squatting alongside hand-standing people at a CrossFit?

David Barton Gyms Shutter in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Miami and Bellevue

Dec 21
Gym-goers in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Miami and Bellevue, Washington hoping to "Look Better Naked" will have to find another gym.

Sticking to It in the Face of Everything

By Blake Beckcom | Dec 18
Sticking to anything can be challenging. We know what we need to do, we know what we ought to do, but with the over-crowded, year-end work pressures and holiday "must attend" events, your best intentions can go awry.

Tips to Say 'No' To Holiday Stress and 'Yes' to a Healthy, Happy Holiday

Dec 12
When time gets tight, and something has to get dropped from the schedule, many of us drop the self-care routines and practices that we've cultivated all the rest of the year. But we don't have to!

Watch: Bodybuilders Attempt to Bellydance in Hilarious Video

Nov 30
A new video posted by BuzzFeed is going viral this week, which shows a group of male bodybuilders attempting to bellydance for the first time.

4 Healthy Hacks for Holiday Eating

By EDGE | Nov 24
With Thanksgiving only a few days away, the holiday season is finally upon us. According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American will consume nearly 5,000 calories for Thanksgiving dinner and nearly 229 grams of fat.

Jocking Stuffers: Give the Gift of Fitness This Holiday Season

By Stephen Mosher | Nov 19
Another year's gone by, and we're making our lists of Christmas gifts once more. How about fitness?

PopUps: Nick Jonas Shows Off Abs on Men's Fitness Cover

Nov 17
Nick Jonas has never looked better.

Five Big Don'ts: Workout Tips to Change Your Life

By Stephen Mosher | Oct 29
Stephen Mosher shares his tips on focusing on the positive during workouts, rather than the negative behaviors and misconceptions.

World Health Organization Report Confirms Obesity Is a Cause of Many Cancers

By EDGE | Sep 20
A special report by a World Health Organization (WHO) group concluded that excess body fat increases the risk of many cancers, a finding that supports the American Institute for Cancer Research's comprehensive analysis of the evidence.

11 thru 20 of 587 Stories